14+ Easy Homemade Gifts for Christmas

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decorated christmas tree brownies

Easy Homemade Gifts for Christmas

Making homemade gifts for Christmas are something that we do for friend and co-worker gifts.  Family just seems to eat what we have on hand too.  Making these delicious holiday recipes are a tradition in our family.  The hard part is not eating them all yourself and sharing with those in your circle.

What is your favorite holiday recipe your family requests you make every year?

Bath Salts

This are so inexpensive to make and great for those who have food allergies.  Use your favorite essential oils and add them to the salts.  We don’t recommend coloring them as you could stain yourself or your tub.

homemade bath salts recipe

Simple Christmas Button Pretzels

These little buttons are super cute and delicious to make.  A great addition to your holiday gift box for your friends and family.  the secret is to really get the chocolate to melt to stick to the pretzel.

YouTube video

Candied Pecans

Having the pecans cook in the slow cooker gives the pecans another depth of flavor.  Add in the sweetness and they are perfect.

cooked pecans

Caramel Sauce

Put in a small jar and your friends have sauce for their ice cream, coffee, or over brownies and more.

caramel sauce

Pecan Cheese Log

Package with a few of your favorite crackers and a little tray or box.  Give a pecan cheese log in your gift box.  So delicious.

knife with pecan cheese spread

Christmas Tree Brownies

These are a great treat to make for kids Christmas parties.  They will squeal with delight when they see this beautiful brownies. Your kids will enjoy making these with your too.

frosted trees

Grinch Bark

Add a little humor to your gifts, with a little Grinch bark.  This is a peppermint bark, taken to another level.

plated grinch bark

Homemade Pecan Turtle Candies

These turtles are super easy (and delicious to make). Perfect to give out during Christmas.  Perfect to make quickly when you don’t have a lot of time and a definite favorite.

YouTube video

It is super fun to make these delicious cookie cups with chocolate.  The heat from the cookies melts the chocolate and the mini marshmallows top off the cookie perfectly.

decorate cookies

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grandmas peanut brittle recipe

Grandma’s Peanut Brittle

Bring back the memories at grandma’s house with this delicious peanut brittle. Our grandma made it in tins at church, giving great portions for gifts.

Peppermint Bark

Making this delicious bark is pretty easy to do and is so delicious.  A family favorite for the kids to give at Christmas. We make 3-4 batches every Christmas for friends.

YouTube video

Christmas Popcorn

You can easily make this holiday popcorn recipe for your gift basket.  Inexpensive and perfect for Christmas parties.

Christmas popcorn

Reindeer Brownies

With a mini muffin tin and a few more ingredients, you can make these cute Rudolph reindeer brownie bites.

reindeer brownies

Thin Mints

Enjoy eating these mint cookies all  year long with this recipe.  Your friends and family will thank you if you put these in their gift box.

YouTube video

Easy Christmas Pretzel Rods

If you are not a baker, these Christmas Pretzel Rods are the perfect treat to make. You just need to melt chocolate and you are halfway there.

YouTube video

Homemade Ornaments

Decorate your tree with your own handmade ornaments.

This is a fun family activity. Have y our kids make their own holiday ornaments. Great craft to do on snow days.

Sock Gnomes

Make your own sock gnomes for Christmas or any holiday.  The socks determine the season.  So simple and fun to make.

Sharing our family homemade gifts for Christmas presents. Great to take as a snack. Make these with your family for the holidays.

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