If you would like Eat Travel Life to do a product review, please consider the following:

  • After Eat Travel Life reviews your product, a review will be posted on the blog. The reviews will include link backs to your main page and any specific product links provided.
  • The review will be advertised on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • For Eat Travel Life to perform a review, the full size product will be needed to thoroughly review it.
  • The product provided will become property of the Eat Travel Life. Items will not be returned.
  • Products provided for the review, must be provided by the business and shipped to Eat Travel Life at the product suppliers cost.
  • Reviews will be posted 2-6 weeks after the item has been received (special requests will be accommodated if time permits)
  • Once a review has been completed, a link to the review will be provided.
  • Eat Travel Life reserves the right to not post a review if the above terms are not met or the product does not meet these standards.
  • Eat Travel Life does not guarantee a positive review, but will give an honest review of the product.

See examples of previous reviews.

If you would like Eat Travel Life to review your company’s product, please contact me with details on what you are looking to review and what compensation is included in addition for a product review.