No Fuss Homemade Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

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stack of thin mints on parchment paper

Homemade Thin Mint Cookies

My family loves thin mints more that just one time of year. We make homemade thin mint cookies when we want them, but they are a perfect Christmas gift to give too.  My husband says they could pass for grasshopper cookies too.  We’ve updated our recipe with better details and a video.

No need to take up a lot of space in your freezer buying boxes of girl scout cookies (we do buy them when in season).  We find making our own for gifts is great for the holidays. 

YouTube video

These cookies are super simple to make.  I love that this thin mint cookie recipe only has 3 ingredients.

You can make these cookies for parties, gifts or just to eat when you want. This recipe makes a small batch, which we think is easier to manage so the chocolate doesn’t need to be reheated if it sets. Serve with a cup of peppermint coffee.

melting chocolate


edible peppermint oil
Ritz Crackers (or similar)
melting chocolate
parchment paper

melted chocolate


Take 4 blocks of chocolate melting chocolate and melt in microwave safe container for 2 minute at 50% power. Check and stir and microwave more as needed until melted. We needed to microwave our chocolate twice.
Add 4 drops of peppermint extract into the chocolate and stir in until incorporated.
Take the crackers and place them one at a time in the chocolate, cover them completely and then place on the parchment paper.
Note:  We tried using a fork and a whisk. The fork was easier to manage the crackers.
Repeat until you have all the crackers you wanted covered.
Let cool to harden.

homemade peppermint bark recipe

completed thin mints

Serve and enjoy or place in a cute container with a bow and gift as a gift!

homemade food gift
Treat your family to no fuss thin mint cookies with our easy, 3-ingredient recipe. See our simple video tutorial too!

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  1. Hah now I don’t have to wait once a year for the girls to ring my doorbell! This could be very dangerous…thin mints available all year round!

  2. I would love to try and make these … Me and my mom love the girl scout thin mints , I am saving this page to my bookmarks 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks for this recipe. Glad I found it. I am sitting here thinking (I got crackers, i got choc chips, I got peppermint extract…oh boy!!)

    1. They are super easy and so inexpensive! And you can make them quickly if you have everything on hand if you are in need of a snack to bring to an event!

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