20 Printable Labels for Teacher Appreciation – Principal Gifts

teacher appreciate gift ideas

You don’t want to leave out anyone on your thank you list from teachers, principal, the office staff and maintenance.  Here are 20 printable labels teacher appreciation gifts ideas for your school staff.

We got an 8 quart bucket from our local farming store.  A nice sturdy bucket works great as the items you put in it, will get heavy quickly. This goes with the concept of filling their bucket for all they have done for your child over the past year.

You can download this printable sheet of adorable sayings.  We used Avery label 85563, but you can just print these off and cut apart and use tape if it’s easier for you on a plain or colored piece of paper (I’m all about making things easy!)

Like these ideas, but want something else? We’ve got candy bar labels too!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Here are suggestions on gifts to go with the labels:

Thanks for not going nuts this year – bag of nuts, can of peanuts (or any nuts)

Thanks for not popping your top – can of pop (soda to some), bottle of pop, bag of popcorn

Thank you for helping me grow – plant or packet of seeds

Thank you for making sure I was good and getting plenty of support – box of Good N Plenty candy

You are worth more than a mint – thin mints, junior mints, peppermint or wintergreen candies

Thank you for overlooking my butter fingers when I misbehaved – Butterfinger candy, jar of peanut butter

We are going to miss you to pieces – Recess Pieces candy

Thank you for being my voice – cough drops

Thank you for brightening my day at school – light bulb, flashlight

Thanks a Latte for all you do – gift card to coffee shop, coffee beans, packet of latte mix

Have a nutrageous summer – Nutrageous candy bar

You are a Tea-Riffic Teacher – bottle of tea, box of tea bags

I will miss you S’More thank you know this summer – chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers

I’m one smart cookie thanks to you – small package of cookies, bag of cookies

Knowing you has been the highlight of my year – highlighter markers

You Skor high on my favorites list – Skor candy bar

Thank you for the EXTRA effort you put in to make learning fun! – Extra gum

You are a smarty in my book – Smarties candy

Thank you for protecting me and keeping me safe – band-aids

These gifts will be great for anyone in service, even for secretaries day!

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