Homemade Pretzel Button Treats

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plate of pretzel chocolate buttons

Easy Homemade Pretzel Buttons

During the holidays, we make a lot of snacks and cookies.  They are always great to give as gifts and snack on during the weeks the kids are home (or just because).   We make these pretzel button treats a lot.  They are simple and it’s easy to throw together a little salty and sweet snack.

Can You Use Pretzel Twists?

If you cannot find pretzel rings, you can use the pretzel twists. We have found you can order the pretzel rings on Amazon (link in recipe).

pretzel rings

How Many Pretzels Do You Make?

A bag of pretzels will make several baking sheets worth of pretzel buttons. Make sure you have enough Kisses and M&Ms. If you want white chocolate buttons, use the Hugs from Hershey as well.

single layer pretzels on parchment paper and baking sheet

Do The Kisses Need to Fit Easily In The Pretzels?

No.  Once the pretzels melt slightly. They will settle into the inside of the pretzel.  When you press the chocolate candy into the Kiss (or Hug), it will spread a little.  If the chocolate is melted enough, it will form into the pretzel and adjust to the inside of it.

chocolate kisses in pretzels on parchment paper and baking sheet

How Do You Know the Chocolate Is Melted Enough?

We let the Kisses melt for about 90 seconds.  If they are melted enough, the chocolate M&M will push easily into the Kiss.  If it doesn’t or feels hard in the middle, you need to put the chocolates back into the oven for 1 minute.  Putting them in to long could cause the chocolates to discolor when cooling.

slightly melted chocolate pretzels on a lined baking sheet with parchment paper

Can You Coordinate For Christmas?

Yes.  You can do pretzel button treats for the holidays or give as a gift.  They are so cute and quick to make.  The longest part is removing the wrappers from the Kisses.  Use this time to heat up the oven.

pretzel buttons
Christmas Grinch!
pretzel button
Valentines Day
pretzel treats
Fourth of July

Love pretzels? Make your own fresh pretzels at home.

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Making Pretzel Buttons for the Holiday

No matter what the holiday, you can make a delicious bowl of pretzel bowls. A little salty and sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 party
Author: Regina Sober
Cost: 20


  • small round pretzels
  • chocolate kisses
  • hard chocolate candies


  • Preheat oven to 350F.
  • Unwrap the Kisses and Hugs.
  • Lay parchment paper down onto your baking sheet.
  • Add the pretzel rings to the baking sheet in 1 layer.
  • Place a Kiss inside each pretzel ring.
  • Place the baking sheet in the oven for 90 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Test and see if the M&M presses easily into the Kiss, pushing the chocolate to the sides of the pretzel.
  • If it does not press easily, place the pretzels back into the oven for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Place an M&M on each Kiss (or Hug) and allow to cool on their own, or place cooled sheet in the fridge.
  • Repeat until you have the desired amount of chocolate pretzel buttons.


YouTube video


These would be great for the holidays, graduations or as a quick snack on trips.
Need a super easy dish to bring to your next holiday party?  Make these chocolate pretzel button treats.  Simple to make and so tasty!

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