17+ Fun Halloween Party Food Recipes

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graveyard brownies

Halloween Party Food

Do you have a Halloween party you are hosting or attending soon?  If you need to bring a dish to pass, we’ve got several ideas for the perfect Halloween party food to make and bring with you.

Find one that is perfect for you to take to your kids school Halloween party.

Scary Apple Cider

Add a frightful treat to your apple cider with little apple faces.  So easy to make for your next party.

scary apple cider

Candy Corn Popcorn

With a little candy corn, popcorn and the microwave, you can make some deliciously sweet popcorn for Halloween.

coated popcorn

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Using the right dark cocoa, you can turn your cinnamon rolls, into delicious dark cinnamon rolls.  We made them with dark cocoa cinnamon, but you could definitely use orange frosting to make a statement.

pan of baked cinnamon chocolate rolls

Doughnut Eyeballs

No baking  required, just melt.  With just 3 ingredients, these doughnut eyes are so simple and delicious to make.

eye doughnuts

Caramel Popcorn

Perfect party snack.  caramel corn.  Serve in a bowl or put in individual bags, it’s a great snack to enjoy.

Have you been intimidated to try to make homemade caramel corn? It's easier than you think. Here's a quick recipe that will add flavor to your caramel corn.

Ear Wax Pretzels

Not really ear wax.  It’s pretzel sticks.  But the kids like to be grossed out.

Halloween treat ear wax pretzels

Eyeball Brownies

A spooktacular brownie that’s eye popping.

Frankenstein Rice Treats

Adorable and delicious rice treats.

Looking for something fun and out of the norm to make for the Halloween party? Check out how to make these fun Frankenstein rice treats.

Round 2 Frankenstein

If you don’t want to cover them in chocolate, make Frank 2 ways.

Frankenstein rice treats

Graveyard Brownies

These brownies are a great display for your party.  Even better to eat!

graveyard brownies

Halloween Brownies

Who doesn’t like taking brownies to another level?

Take Halloween candy and turn your brownies into Halloween brownies super easy. eattravellife.com

Halloween Caramel Eyes

I love making these. So easy to pop together and you’ve got a quick snack for your party.

Delicious Halloween Caramel candy treats. Super easy to make for a party or take into school for a snack. - eattravellife.com

Halloween Popcorn Mix

popcorn with candy

Super simple and easy to make, this chocolate popcorn mix is perfect for your next party.

Marshmallow Bats

No cooking needed for these simple and easy edible marshmallow bats.

marshmallow bats

Mummy Bites

Bitesize snacks that you just need to decorate and eat.  Mummy bites are just cute.

Short on time? Need to make a quick snack? Make easy Halloween snacks and easy Halloween desserts with this simple mummy bites recipe.

Mummy Pretzel Rods

These pretzel rods are so fun to eat and make.  Great for parties, the kids will love them too.

Need a quick Halloween treat to make? You'll want to make these mummy pretzel rods. Quick and simple. And they don't take long to make.

No Bake Monster Cookies

Take your no bake cookies to another level, monster level.

Pumpkin Fluff dip

A quick pumpkin dip for apples.

pumpkin dip

Perfectly Orange Rice Treats

Rice treats, can be fun when you take it up a notch and make the orange and decorative.

rice treats

Assemble The Robots

Easy to pull together, just grab your glue gun for these fun robots.

assembled juice box monster

Spider Cookies

These spider cookies go together quickly, no baking required.  Just melt and assemble.

Zombie Brain Punch

The perfect punch for your party. Use cute cups for added effect.

zombie punch

Now comes the hard part.  Deciding which Halloween party food you will make.  Do you have a favorite party food that is your go-to, to bring to parties?

Need party food ideas? We have the perfect Halloween party food ideas for your party. Whether you are hosting or bringing a dish. We have a dish you'll love.

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