Easy Ham and Cheese Croissant with Egg

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ham and cheese croissant with egg

ham and cheese croissant with egg

My mom mentioned my dad was going to town every morning and buying these sandwiches from a fast food chain.  I knew I could make them cheaper and healthier.  So I went shopping and bought supplies to make ham and cheese croissants with egg to eat and put in the freezer.

Freezing them made them have a longer shelf life.  We made them 8 at a time, so they were not getting freezer burn prior to being ate.

scrambled eggs


package of shaved sliced ham (we used black forest)
8 eggs
8 slices of cheese
8 croissants cut in half

croissant sandwich


In a bowl add the eggs 4 at a time and scramble. Add pepper to taste.

In a hot pan, add the eggs (you can put a pat of butter on the pan to prevent sticking first).

Allow the eggs to begin to cook.  Flip the eggs over, do not mix to create scrambled eggs.

Separate the eggs into 4 equal parts to fit on top of the croissants.

Place the eggs on the bottom portion of the croissant

ham croissant sandwinch

Add cheese and about 3-4 slices of ham (depending on the size of the croissants)

Place the top of the croissant on the sandwich.

You can serve and enjoy.

If you are going to freeze, you can place them in plastic wrap or a freezer container.  Remove as you want to eat and warm in the microwave until warm.

Don’t want to use American cheese, use a slice of your favorite or mix it up with cheddar, swiss or provolone.  And these don’t have to just be for breakfast.  They are perfect for lunch too.

homemade hashbrown casserole

Want a easy homemade breakfast? Make these ham and cheese croissant with egg at home. Perfect way to save money and eat well for breakfast.


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