Assembled Robot Snacks Treat

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Easy No Bake Robot Snacks For Kids

Years ago I made these robot snack treats from a image I saw online.  There were no instructions, and that can get pretty difficult to figure out how to make something from just a picture.  There is trial and error on what works and what doesn’t.

These work great for kids who may have allergies and can’t have all the sugars most party food has. This is a healthy alternative as well. They also work great for kids who may have food allergies and packaged foods are easier to identify allergens.

Use these for birthday parties and holiday parties.  We have many ideas for Halloween snacks too.

We’ve got photos below and some helpful tips to help you though this process.

What you’ll need:

We are sharing the items we used, you double, triple for however many robots you want to make.

  • glue gun (only need 1 unless others are helping you assemble)
  • googly eyes (2 per robot)
  • rubber band
  • sharpie
  • mini raisin boxes (or regular 6 oz boxes like below)
  • juice box
  • individual applesauce
  • licorice sticks (wrapped if possible)

What Is A Robots Favorite Snacks?

Computer Chips!

YouTube video

ingredients for robot snacks

When assembling these robots, you want to work on the pieces separately, then assemble so you are not knocking them apart.

boxes of raisins

What Size Raisins Are Used?

When possible, we used the mini packages.  Those are harder to find.  Use the individual size and color in a black area, to separate to make 2 shoes/boots on the raisins.

attaching arms and rubber bands

How Do You Get The Arms On The Robots?

Place a rubber band around the juice box.  Wrap the licorice into the rubber band. The rubber band should hug/touch the licorice on the arm portion of the box.

gluing raisin box

Once the licorice is secured onto the juice box, you can assemble the juice box onto the box of raisins.  Be generous with the glue.  If you have to travel with these, you don’t want them falling apart.

attaching eyes

Use the glue gun to put the eyes on the applesauce containers.  Give the glue 2 seconds before putting the eyes on the applesauce.  You do not want the heat from the glue to melt and open the applesauce everywhere.  We have tried Elmer’s glue for this and the eyes popped off easily while moving them around.

applying glue onto applesauce

Once the eyes are cooled, add a little glue to the top (now bottom) of the applesauce and apply it to the top of the juice box.  Be generous again with the amount of glue you are using so these will stick together.

spoon assembly  The spoon will go behind the rubber band in the back of the robot.  You will not want to put this on until the head is applied.  It will be easier for it to sit to the side versus up and down.  If you leave it up and down, it may knock the head off.

assembled robots

The hardest part, was getting the same of everything (you know kids will fuss over who has what) and I thought I could use Capri Sun and it was not a hard enough surface for the applesauce.

Make robot snacks with this easy recipe; perfect for kids with allergies and special diets. See our photos and tips for success!

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