13+ Things to See in Hell Michigan

gates of hell michigan

What You’ll Find in Hell Michigan

Located on D32 (also known as Patterson Lake R0ad), you’ll find the town of Hell Michigan.  By no means is this a town with a stop light.  In fact, it’s only got just 3 buildings.  So should you visit?  Oh yes, it’s worth stopping and taking a tour of the grounds if you are in the area.  There is a lot to cover and much to see.  And honestly not much around the rest of the area and they have food, souvenirs and rest rooms.

We are sharing 13+ things you will find here, and there are a few more, we’ll let you find on your own.

Is Hell family friendly?

On our trip, there wasn’t anything ghoulish, satanic or scary.  It is my opinion it is family friendly.  Some of the t-shirts, I would not let my teenagers own.  But other than that, it was fine.

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hell michigan saloon

Hell Saloon

Depending on if you are coming from the north or south, this will be the first thing you see.  If you are coming from the North, it is on the right hand side and on a curve.  Go by to fast and you’ll miss it.

This is the place you will want to stop first to get a view of the dam.

screams creamatory

Screams – Creamatory – Hell, Michigan

Screams is where you will find all your souvenirs and they are everywhere.  From super funny t-shirts (And there are a ton to read in the back), to the ones on the racks.  There are ducks for the Jeepers of all varieties, mugs, stickers, magnets and even dirt from Hell Michigan.

Inside Screams, is the Creamatory.  It’s a little area with a small selection of ice cream you can indulge, especially on those hot days.  Enjoy the Gravedigger sundae.

souvenirs hell michigan

Enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in Hell!

damned library hell michigan Hell Community Library

Heading outside and out back, you’ll find the Hell Community Library.  It’s Funded by the Damnation University.  And honestly it’s a little free library, so bring one, take one if you want. It was well stocked when we visited.

gates of hell michigan

Gates of Hell

Entering the back of the grounds, you are greeted with an archway that says Gates of Hell.  This entrance takes you to the many places for photo opportunities, putt putt golf, the scatter yard, wedding chapel, the dam, lock bridge.

hell michigan

Photo Time Hell MI

While everything here is photo worthy, these are great to share on your social media platforms, that you are in Hell Michigan.  There are 5+ to chose from, or just use them all.

wedding chapel

Hell’s Chapel of Love

You can actually get married in Hell, reservations are required.  It’s a small and tiny chapel located to the wooded area, with a backdrop of the dam.  Once you’ve tied the knot, be sure to put a lock on the bridge with your name and date.

grieving yard

Grieving Yard

On the edge of the property by the dam, don’t over look the grieving yard.  It’s a place to stop and reflect and remember those who have served our country.

dam in hell michigan

The Dam

Park at the saloon and you can walk on top of the dam.  You can also walk to the lake in the back of the property and enjoy the spectacular view.

love lock chain fence

Locks of Love Bridge Hell MI

Bring your  own lock, or purchase a lock at Screams.  You can then take it to the Love bridge and lock your love in Hell.   There is lots of room and soo many locks to see on the bridge.

scattering yard hell michigan

Scatter Yard

Have a loved one you want to scatter their remains in Hell?  Stop into Screams.  For a nominal fee to hospice, you can do that.

The yard is complete with a gate around it and a metal vulture.  It has beautiful landscaping in the back and gorgeous flowers.

putt putt golf

Putt Putt Golf in Hell

Play a round of putt putt golf in Hell.  There is a quirky course you can play.  From a bumper crop, to a snowman in Hell, just walk around the course to enjoy the interesting things put together in the course.

hell hole bar michigan

Hell Hole Bar

American food can be found.  Everything from pizza, hamburgers, wraps, salads and sandwiches.  You can even find pasties here, a U.P. favorite. Take home some broom sticks or Hell’s hot wings.

outdoors hell michigan

Enjoy Hell on Earth

There are many outdoor activities in the area.  Hell is surrounded by 400 acres perfect for outdoor recreation.  You can camp at Hell Creek Ranch Campground, kayak, hike trails, picnic areas, just to name a few.  Play a round of putt putt golf (get the clubs and ball inside Screams).

Get the witch hitched in Hell, enjoy the Hearse Festival, junk in the trunk, car cruises, craft shows, and all the Friday the 13ths.

hell michigan mail

Send a Note From Hell

Send your family and friends a postcard from Hell.  Buy your postcards/cards and stamps from Screams.  There is a postal substation inside the Hell Hole Bar, that will stamp your mail so it’s postmarked from Hell!  You can even send yourself a postcard from Hell if you want to.

You can even get your postcard a little singed if you have it mailed from Hell!

directional sign

Getting Out of Hell Michigan

Not sure where you want to go?  Just look up while in the parking lot.  You can only go up after visiting Hell.  Find them on Facebook for current details.

There are so may great things to see in Michigan, where will you go next?

In the middle of no where, find Hell Michigan. Set on the backdrop of a gorgeous lake and dam. Stop in and enjoy a humorous visit to Hell.

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