60+ Kid Friendly Recipe Ideas

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hot dog pretzel

Kid Friendly Recipe Ideas

Sometimes as a parent, I just get stuck on what to feed my kids.  What they will eat or even what to  make that is different for them.  I’ve made a list of kid friendly recipe ideas to help you as well.  Not all have recipes, yet.

It’s hard when not everyone likes the same thing either.  Sometimes turning left overs into several things makes it easier to please a couple versus everyone at once.  Take it as a win.

We’ve got over 60 different options to make.  That is 2 months of different food!  What is your go to meal that isn’t on the list?


bacon egg & cheese muffin
baked chicken
baked spaghetti
baked zita
baked beans with hot dogs
baked potatoes with toppings (chilli, cheese, bacon, sour cream, brocholli)
bbq chicken
bbq hot dogs
beef stew
cheese and crackers
cheese and salami
chicken noodle soup
chicken nuggets
chicken pot pie
corn dogs
mini corn dog muffins
English muffin pizzas
egg salad
fettichini alfredo
fish sticks
flatbread pizza
homemade french bread pizza
french bread pizza
french toast
granola, homemade
grilled cheese
grilled cheese with bacon
grilled cheese with ham
grilled chicken
ham and cheese sandwich
hash brown casserole
hot dogs
hot dogs with bacon wrapped around
mac and cheese
mac and cheese with hot dogs
meatball sub
mini hamburgers
pasta salad
PB&J kabobs

baked pigs in a blanket
pigs in a blanket
pizza made with bagels
pizza made with english muffins
pizza made with naan bread
pizza made with pita bread
pizza rolls
pizza subs
potato soup
scalloped potatoes and ham
scrambled eggs with cheese
sloppy joes
taco salad
tater tot casserole
tuna melts
vegetable soup
veggie skewers
walking tacos

What is your go-to kid friendly recipe?

Running out of ideas on what to make your kids for dinner? We've got over 60 kid friendly recipe ideas to make. That's 2 months of different food ideas!

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