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easy homemade muffin pizza

English Muffin Pizza

I’m always looking for how to make a quick meal or snack for my kids.   I made an easy pizza and these English muffin pizzas are something even kids can make for an after school snack.

They are quick and easy to make. And you can control what you put on them.  If you chopped up veggies small enough, and hide them under the cheese, your kids won’t find them!


English Muffins (as many as you want to make your favorite pizza sauce
cheese (we used an Italian blend of cheese and mild cheddar)
chopped ham
your favorite pizza toppings

steps to make pizza

Pizza instructions:

Preheat oven 350 F

Cut or pull the English muffins in half.
Place 1-2 Tablespoons of pizza sauce on the muffin and spread out evenly, like you would on a big pizza.
Add your toppings and then cheese.  Remember to hide those veggies!

Place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes, until cheese is melted or browned to your liking.

easy spaghetti bake


Cut in quarters for smaller kids and let cool before eating.

Pizza Tips

  • Pizzas can be made ahead so the kids and microwave and eat after school. (microwave about 1-2 minutes)
  • Like a crispy crust? Lightly toast the muffins before putting toppings on and baking.
  • Make them in weekly batches to freeze and eat later.
  • Get your kids cooking by helping prepare these.  Have all the veggies and things chopped and have them make their own dinner.
  • If you chop the veggies finely enough, you may be able to hide some veggies under the cheese.
  • You can make breakfast muffin pizzas by using left over breakfast items and assembling them as a pizza.
  • There are different flavors of English muffins, we use the original, but you can do whole wheat, or whatever your family likes.

Need a quick snack or dinner idea for the kids? These easy English muffin pizzas are perfect for a snack and kids will love them!

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  1. I think we did this in home ec (high school was a long time ago!). But it’s a good idea because you can use a variety of toppings, so if somebody doesn’t like pepperoni (raises hand), that person can have a different topping.

  2. We love English muffin pizzas, but I honestly never thought to hide veggies underneath the cheese. Brilliant! Thanks!

  3. LOVE IT! Pizza is a mainstay in our house! I can’t wait to try this recipe. I’ve never really had ham on my pizza before!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kristie from VB.

  4. My son will eat any kind of pizza, anytime. I definitely need to try these…have you read Jessica Seinfeld’s book? Your tip (hiding the veggies!) reminded me of some of her recipes.

    1. I hope he likes them. You can also use bagels instead of english muffins. I have read her book, I try to do what we can in hiding veggies, but the kids notice when things taste different.

  5. Love that you can add veggies to this etc. Nice easy meal for kids. Thanks for sharing!

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