Homemade French Bread Pizza

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homemade french bread pizza

Homemade French Bread Pizza

One of the secrets to my homemade French bread pizza.  We don’t use French bread at all!  It’s to hard. We use Italian bread.  It is must softer and crunches up nicely in the oven.  The edges are crisp and the bottom is soft.

Italian bread is very versatile allowing us to make sandwiches, pizza, eat it with a little butter or make some garlic bread.  It’s simple and for about $5, we can feed our family.

I will admit these pictures show good sized portions of fresh mozzarella.  I forget that a little goes a long way.  It was very cheezie and melted down the sides.  Slimmer slices would have worked just as well. (use thicker slices for ‘extra’ cheese.

Tip: Put the pizza in a row you’ll remember what piece has what toppings.  We put the cheese only on one end and then the toppings on the other side in order of most toppings to least.  No one got the wrong pizza.

homemade french bread pizza

What Ingredients Are Needed?

1 loaf Italian bread halved and cut like for a sandwich
pizza sauce
cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese
favorite toppings

homemade french bread pizza


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Cut the loaf of bread in half and then cut it again, like you would for making a huge sandwich.

Place the bread on a baking sheet.

Add the pizza sauce.  We used about 3 teaspoons per piece and smoothed it out.

Add the cheddar cheese (if desired)

Add your bacon, ham or other favorite pizza toppings. Be generous with your toppings to get them in every bite.

homemade french bread pizza

Place the mozzarella to cover the toppings.  We used fresh mozzarella and put on generous portions that covered and melted all over.

Place in the oven and allow to cook 15-20 minutes. Once it starts to slightly brown.  Turn the oven down to 350 and cook for 5 minutes more.

Remove from the heat and allow to set about 5-10 minutes.  Eating this right out of the oven is not recommended, it’s to hot.

One loaf of Italian bread, served 4 pieces of pizza.

homemade french bread pizza
Looking for an inexpensive meal? Consider making homemade french bread pizza. Perfect dish that only requires some fresh bread on hand a few leftovers for ingredients and you've got a delicious homemade pizza.

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