Floating on a Gondola in the Sky on the Branson Ferris Wheel

Branson Ferrish Wheel sign

I was recently invited to Branson Missouri for a Blogging Branson trip to experience all Branson has to offer.  One of the activities we were able to do, was ride on the Branson Ferris Wheel.  I was excited and scared at the same time.  I wanted to see a bird eye view of Branson.  The Branson Ferris Wheel offers this, but would I overcome my fear of carnival rides and climb aboard?

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Branson Ferris Wheel

about the Branson Ferris Wheel

Before it was the Branson Ferris Wheel, it was the ferris wheel on Chicago’s Navy Pier from 1995 until 2015.  The Navy Pier wanted a bigger ferris wheel, Branson Tracks wanted a ferris wheel.  A deal was made and 26 truck loads arrived in Branson with the ferris wheel in 215 pieces to assemble!

Branson Ferris Wheel in the morning

what’s it like to ride the Branson Ferris Wheel?

It’s a smooth easy ride.  The Ferris wheel does not stop, but goes slow enough for you to get in and settled as you take your loop around.  You will definitely want to have your camera for photos of the scenery overlooking Branson. You’ll want to take some selfies with the skyline in the background too.

You will want to capture photos of the Ozark Mountains.   You can get an aerial view of the surroundings. Be sure to bring your sunglasses if it’s sunny!

I am not a person who likes heights, but I had no problem with the ride.  I stayed focused looking out at the view, not directly down at the ground below (and I took a video).  The ferris wheel ride was smooth.  You do rock a bit until everyone is settled in.  You can listen to a recording welcoming you aboard and other information if you want to keep distracted as well.

Cool facts:

  • 240 people can ride the wheel at the same time
  • the ferris wheel weighs more than 65 space shuttles
  • they space out the riders to keep the ferris wheel balanced
  • it takes 7 1/2 minutes to go around once on the ferris wheel
  • you ride in a gondola in the ferris wheel
  • at night, there is a beautiful light show with 16,000 lights lit up on the ferris wheel


Branson Ferris Wheel Gondola

Who is the Branson Ferris Wheel for?

Anyone who wants to see more of the city at one time, this is for you.  This ride is appropriate for kids to be on.  Your door locks shut for safety.  If you are a bit of a thrill seeker, this is for you.  If you love to take awesome photos of cool things, you need to check this out.

Who do you know that needs to add this to their bucket list of rides to go on?

If you are traveling during Christmas time, be sure to check out the Branson Track at night for all the beautiful lights.  The ferris wheel’s light show is beautiful and a must see!

Branson Missouri: Experience an Ozark Christmas

branson tracks tire christmas tree

Ever ride in a gondola in the air? I bet you have. Check out what it's like to enjoy a ride on Branson's Ferris Wheel in Branson Missouri.


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