Eat At The World’s Largest Meatball At Bransons Pasghetti’s

wolrds largest meatball Pasghetti's Branson eat at the worlds largest meatball – Pasghetti’s restaurant

You know when you see a giant meatball sticking out of the side of a building with a huge fork  it’s going to be fun.  And when you also see a giant pepper and tomato, it may be a sign that this place is going to be worth stopping and checking out.  While on the Blogging Branson tour, we were provided lunch at this fun Italian restaurant in Branson Missouri.  Pasghetti’s is located on the strip near may attractions.  Not only is it’s name a play on how kids say spaghetti fun, you have got to see what is inside the building to know it’s amazing inside and out.  It’s a restaurant that is inside out.

inside out building Pasghetti's Branson

enjoy Pasghetti’s from the inside out

Inside Pasghetti’s you’ll walk into a building that has a 1920’s motif.  It is painted on the inside to look like you are walking down the street in New York.  Upstairs, there is a small working ferris wheel you can ride on.  This is a restaurant you will want to order your food and then explore while you wait.  There is also an arcade and a gift shop to get some souvenirs and have fun.

spaghetti Pasghetti's Branson

5 ounce meatball sub Pasghetti's Branson

Alfredo Pasghetti's Branson Missouri

We were treated to a quick menu is served to motor coach tours to help them get in and out quickly.  We had a choice of a meatball sub, served with their 5 ounce meatballs, chicken Cesar salad, spaghetti or alfredo pasta. They do serve gluten free pasta upon request.

Make sure when you stop in Branson to get a few photos of Pasgehetti’s and to come inside to experience an inside out restaurant.

explore the Titanic Museum Branson Missouri

wolrds largest meatball Pasghetti's Branson

Ever seen an inside out building? Check out why you'll love Bransons Pasghetti's restaurant: worlds largest meatball. So much to see and eat here.

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