Experience an Ozark Mountain Christmas in Branson Missouri

Large decorated Christmas tree

On the south western border of Missouri, you’ll find Branson.  It is located in the Ozark Mountains.  If you talk to the people there, they call them hills. In this town you can experience something like no other town has to offer.  There are many shows and activities to see and do while here.  And if you are there November to December, you’ll experience a little bit of Christmas everywhere you go.  I  was invited to experience this, so I can share with you.

There is so much for everyone to do in Branson. Check out what shows to see, places to go, where to stay and what to do for fun while in Branson Missouri.

Lifesize gingerbread family


what to do in Branson Missouri – Branson entertainment

Silver Dollar City -Plan bring your family and spend an entire day at this awesome location.  You’ll want to stay until dark to enjoy the Christmas lights.  They have 6.5 million lights, and a parade.  Love rides, check out the Time Traveler.  Enjoy seeing candy making, glass blowing, shows, wassel and a variety of food vendors.  There are 2 Broadway-style musical productions you’ll want to experience too.  Be sure to wear your walking shoes.  There are many hills to maneuver up and down.

A medley of what you can do in Branson

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decorations on Branson Belle Showboat

Showboat Branson Belle – This is a fun and relaxing way to see a show and enjoy dinner.  Climb aboard, find your seat and you are served dinner as the boat cruises on Table Rock Lake.  Be sure to capture the sun setting against the majestic backdrop.  This 1880s showboat has 4 tiers that you can explore before the show.  A great relaxing evening to see a show with singing, dancing and a little comedy mixed in too.

Branson IMAX Theater largest screen

Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex – The IMAX experience is amazing.  They have the largest movie screen. It’s 6 stories tall and 83 feet wide with 4K dual laser project (that means it’s big and very crisp details)! The 12 channel sound gives you the feeling you are standing in the middle of the movie.  The video is amazingly crisp and clear like nothing I have experienced before.  Whatever you chose to see there, it is going to be an amazing experience.  There are shops you can get shopping down there as well as eat at the fabulous McFarlain’s Family Restaurant.

Branson Ferris Wheel from Chicago Pier

Branson Ferris Wheel at the Trax Family Fun Park – Formerly Chicago Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, it moved to Branson in 2016. Thrill seekers will love this 7 1/2 minute ride above Branson Missouri on this 150 feet tall wheel.  Get beautiful photographs of the town from up high.  At night, take your family on the Ferris Wheel as it lights up the night sky.

Titanic Museum Branson Missouri

Titanic Exhibit – Unique to Branson is the Titanic Exhibit.  Hear stories of those who survived and perished on the Titanic.  Hear heroic stories and those of bravery and sacrifice.   There are many artifacts to see as well.  This is a must see to share with your family to appreciate what happened.

Zip-Line at Wolfe Mountain – An event for your thrill seeking family.  Add some excitement and laughter to your trip.   Enjoy zip-lining over the trees and rappelling down 100 feet.  Super fun.  You can bring your GoPro with you and capture the moment!

Montana Mike's Steakhouse Branson Missouri

Where to Eat – Branson Missouri Restaurants

Montana Mike’s Steakhouse Eat dessert first!  The apple crisp is irresistible!   They serve generous portions of great food.   You can find delicious ground sirloin burgers, soups and of course steak to name of few of their tasty meals!  Get a side of onion rings, they are amazing!

Pasghettis restaurant Branson Missouri

Pasghettis – Who would not want to eat at a place with a giant meatball and fork?  Check out the 1920s New York decor inside. This is a family friendly restaurant that  servers some delicious food, including their 5 ounce meatball.  Did I mention there is a working indoor ferris wheel you can ride on?

McFarlains Restaurant Branson Missouri

McFarlains – Located at the IMAX Theatre. For some added fun, ask to be seated at the fun ’round table’ (it slowly rises as you dine). This is a great family friendly restaurant.  Be sure to try the fried green tomatoes and sweet potato fries.  The roast beef is super delicious!  Served with mashed potatoes and gravy over bread. Licking your plate is a must!

outside Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center Branson Missouri

Where to stay in Branson Missouri

Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center – Located in the heart of everything, this is the perfect place for your family to stay while in Branson Missouri.  The staff are welcoming and friendly.  The hotel is reasonably priced AND includes a hot breakfast, saving you even more money.  The 2 swimming pools will keep the kids happy.  There is a lot you could just walk to from the hotel too.  And you can tell you friends you stayed at a castle, how cool is that?


Dolly Pardon's Stampede Branson Missouri

what to see – Branson Missouri shows

Branson has 13 golf courses, shopping and shows you can visit. Some come to fish, parasail or boat.  But there are many shows to see. There are 100+ shows to see in 50 theaters to.  Plan your trip and consider checking out one of the shows below.

Hughes Brothers Christmas Show

Hughes Brothers Christmas Show – The Hughes Brothers Christmas show is amazing.  Four of the 5 Hughes Brother’s (and their families) perform in this spectacular show.  Prepare to sing along, laugh and be entertained with this family friendly show.  The brothers and their children (and grandchildren) not only perform, they run concessions and sell the tickets too!  Be sure to stay after the show, you can purchase a delicious meal and enjoy it there too.

Clay Cooper Christmas Show

Clay Cooper Christmas Express – Charismatic Clay Cooper and his beautiful wife Tina put on an amazing show.  You will find Clay in the crow as much as he is on stage.  There are beautiful songs performed and some great comedic entertainment.  This is a family friendly show that the entire family can attend with no worries.

Dolly’ Parton’s Stampede – This show is a horse lovers dream.  Walk by the stables where the horses are at on your way to the show.  The Christmas Stampede acrobatic performances with the houses a full-scale nativity, seasonal music and of course, Santa Claus and more!

Branson's Famous Bald Knobber show

Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers – Since 1959, the Mabe family has been delighting families with their music.  The Mabes started  the entertainment phenomenon that paved the way for what Branson is today.  Enjoy the songs and comedic performances of the Mabe family. You will find your toes tapping and hands clapping along to many family favorites.

Haygoods – Be sure to get your tickets for this performance early.  They sell out many of their shows. Enjoy the live performance of  harmonized singing and beautiful choreography.  If that is not enough, count to see the 20 different instruments in their show!

Andy Williams Christmas Charlie Green Jimmy Osmond experience

Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas Show – A classic show highlighting the favorites of yesteryear. Enjoy watching Jimmy Osmond sing with the Lennon Sisters and share memories of the beloved Andy Williams. Be amazed by the performances of AYO- Voices of Glory (America’s Got Talent) and Charlie Green (Britain’s Got Talent).

Be sure to check out all the great shows and plan your trip. Have you been to Branson Missouri?  What is you favorite show to go see when there?

Experience an Ozark mountain Christmas in Branson Missouri. Branson Missouri shows are a must during Christmas. Don't forget Branson Missouri restaurants.


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