What You’ll Find in Uranus Missouri

uranus missouri

Uranus Missouri roadside attraction

Located on Route 66, you will find a roadside attraction that will make you laugh and scratch your head in wonder.  Should you visit Uranus Missouri?  You just have to stop.  It’s a place like no other.

We stopped in on our way to Branson, Missouri. We also saw the world largest everything in Casey Illinois.

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Uranus is complete with restaurants, dinosaurs, a fudge factory, an escape room and more.  There is even a newspaper.  With so many things to see outside and inside, you need to plan about an hour (if not more) to see everything.

world famous fudge factory
Find the world famous fudge factory and general store in Uranus Missouri

There are several buildings, like a small mini-mall with it’s own parking lot.  You can park anywhere and then stroll through the displays and visit the buildings and shop at the general store and fudge factory.

see the worlds largest meatball in Branson Missouri

You have to stop into the general store and fudge factory.  It is a 10 year old boys dream of Uranus jokes galore throughout the store.  From the greeting when you arrive in the door “Welcome to Uranus”, until you leave “Thanks for picking Uranus”, the fudge and Uranus jokes are everywhere to shop and take them home to your friends and family.  From tame to racy, they have it covered.

World's largest belt buckle
World’s largest belt buckle is found in Uranus Missouri

Uranus Missouri has the world’s largest belt buckle

Be sure you go behind the food shack where the seating is, to see the Guinness World Record’s largest belt buckle.  IT’s huge and you won’t want to miss getting a picture for your worlds largest collection.

Who wouldn’t want to have a selfie to remember their time in Uranus?    Photo: BenSpark Family Adventure

take pictures while in Uranus

There are so many things to see here, you will forget if you don’t capture the moments.  Outside, you will want to get your photo taken with your family, making you the butt of the jokes.

There is a double decker bus, old school police car, septic truck, metal sculptures and more to take pictures of.  You will want to share online letting your friends and family know that you made a trip to Uranus.  You’ll want to get a group shot of your friends and family while you are in Uranus too.

Tip: Check the hours before you visit, some of the places were closed when we were there, so we were not able to see everything.

Fun Things to Do in Uranus:

  • get a tattoo
  • explore the exterior
  • buy fudge – with or without nuts
  • take a million selfies – so many things to see outside
  • laugh – there are so many things that will make you chuckle
  • post on social media that you are safe in Uranus
  • have a meal in Uranus
  • Escape Room – Try to escape from Uranus
  • act like a 10 year old boy and make jokes about Uranus
  • snort, laugh and giggle

Ever been to Uranus? This is a roadside attraction you'll want to add to your stops. Uranus Missouri is the butt of all jokes and more. A must see off Route 66.

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  1. I can’t wait to go to Uranus Fudge Factory! It’ll make me laugh a lot. I would be “spaced out” if I visit Uranus Fudge Factory. The Uranus Fudge Factory would pretty “spacey” and “fudgie”

    1. I think you will enjoy it! Be sure to walk around outside. There are at lot of things to see along the buildings. Lots of places to take photos.
      And of course, take some fudge home, from Uranus. 🙂

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