What It’s Like to Tour the Titanic Museum in Branson Missouri

Front photo Titanic Museum Branson

You have probably seen or heard of the Titanic Movie. It may seem like something that happened on film and not real.  Come to the Titanic Museum in Branson and you soon realize this was not just a movie where some people died.   It’s part of American history.  It happened to real people, not actors.  I’m forever changed and thankful for the Blogging Branson team for inviting me to come experience this tour.

The Museum can’t be missed when you are driving around Branson Missouri.  It is shaped like the ship itself, making it easy to find when driving.

Exterior Titanic Museum Branson

tour the Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland

YouTube video

touring the Titanic Museum

As you start your tour, you touch a piece of ‘iceberg’ for good luck.  You are also given a boarding pass.  On it is information of an actual Titanic passenger or crew member.  It has details of the person’s life.  You carry this through the tour as you explore.  I kind of wondered why my person thought and felt as I looked the the memorabilia.  At the end of the tour you find out if your person survived or died.

Titanic Museum Branson Missouri Boarding Pass
Titanic Museum Branson Missouri Boarding Pass

The museum has over $4.5 million of Titanic artifacts.  Dishes, life jackets, clothing and so much more. There is a replica of the Titanic’s grand staircase that goes up to the second floor (there is an elevator for those who need). The staircase is an exact replica of the Titanic’s Grand Staircase. Wow is all I can say to describe it.

Isn’t that floor gorgeous?  It was made from the finest linoleum!  It was the latest craze when the Titanic was made.  Don’t feel bad, I thought it was made from marble.

Grand Staircase replica from Titanic Museum Branson Missouri
Photo Courtesy Titanic Branson Museum

You will see lots of artifacts including life jackets, dresses and dinnerware to name a few.  We learned that depending on your class, you had a different type of plates and silverware to eat from.  This is the second class dinnerware.

Second class dinnerware from Titanic at Titanic Branson Museum
Photo Courtesy Titanic Branson Museum

things you can do during the Titanic Museum tour

  • shovel “coal” in mock boiler room
  • send an SOS distress signal
  • attempt to walk the sloping decks of the ship’s stern as the Titanic descended
  • sit in an actual size lifeboat
  • find out the fate of the person on your boarding pass from the 2,208 names listed in the memorial room

The Titanic Museum even created a video to give you information on what you can expect on the tour:

YouTube video

Is this tour for kids?  The Titanic Museum recommends tours for kids 5 years old and up.  It is a living classroom for kids.  Kids receive boarding passes of children that were on the Titanic.  There are many hands on activities for the kids to touch and experience during the tour. There is a scavenger hunt and special audio that kids can listen to during their tour.

Time:  Guided tours take about 2 hours.  Self guided, go at your own pace.

Spiritual Heros Titanic Branson Museum

take a guided tour

You will not be disappointed if you take a guided tour.  The tour guides share accounts of the individuals from the Titanic.  There have been survivors children and other family members who have came to the museum.  They share those accounts as well during the tour.

Be prepared to be moved.  Have some tissues with you. It is a museum worth experiencing and hearing the truth from experts who give tours.

You can order your tickets online to get tickets that fit your families schedule.

Curious about the Titanic? You need to see the Titanic Museum in Branson Missouri. See artifacts, the grand staircase and learn passenger stories.

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