Impression 5 Science Center Makes Science Cool and Fun

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Impression 5 Science Center – Interactive Space for Families

A Big thank you to Impression 5 Museum (also called Impression 5 Science Center or I5) for inviting me to come and check out the science museum and share my experience with you.

Find yourself in downtown Lansing Michigan, this is a place where you will have as much fun as your kids exploring and experiencing the many exhibits.  This is a super cool interactive museum for multi-generational fun.

A Science Museum That’s Making Science Cool and Fun

When you think museum, you think of hands off, don’t touch.  Impression 5 Science Center is NOT that that kind of museum.  It is a hands out, touch and explore and  is a very kid friendly museum with 29,000 square feet to explore.

It teaches so much about science and exploration and really allows kids to dive into and explore so many different areas, you will just need to get a membership to truly enjoy and explore everything. Check out their store in the museum for really cool learning toys for kids, they have gift certificates too!

This museum is not just for kids.  This is a place where multigenerational families can come together and share stories, ask questions and have a meaningful experience at the I5 museum.  The museum is located in downtown Lansing, Michigan and is barrier free.  They have replaced several of their exhibits to better support their mission to bring families together.

If you think you have seen the museum and haven’t been there in a while, you need to come check it out again.  They have traveling exhibits that stay for several months and then move on to other locations.  They also lend out some of their exhibits as well.

Where Do The Exhibits Come From?

They make their own exhibits here.  Now they do share what they make with other museums and borrow other museum exhibits.  If one of their exhibits breaks, they have been made to be easily repaired or replaced. workshop building sets

An example of this is the large light bright display.  I5 saw this exhibit at another museum and kids stopped playing when they ran out of a certain color peg.  They designed theirs hands on exhibit to have the pegs that were clear,, but the pegs changed color when you turn them. So you always have enough of what you want.  Just amazing at the talented crew creativity here.

light wall exhibit

The train exhibit below is a traveling exhibit that is currently visiting the museum until mid February 2016.  It is huge.  There is a scavenger hunt you can do to see if you can find certain items.  A great discussion exhibit with the kids to see if you can see the people, cars and just watch the variety of trains run the rails.

train exhibit

Hot Wheels  Exhibit was so fun and hands on to see at the museum.  Be sure to check to see what the current exhibits are showing at the museum.

Hot Wheels Exhibit

A Dinosaur exhibit has also been on display to share information with kids.  Some exhibits may be interactive to promote play thru learning.

Dinosaur Exhibit

Where Downtown Lansing Are They Located?

You can find Impression 5 downtown across from the Lansing Center.  Look for the big head with gears and that is were Museum drive is. Parking can be found before and after the building in the parking lots. This is within walking distance of the Lansing Capital.

What Can You Do At the Museum?

There are hands on exhibits. It is not a place where your kids will go and look at things and move along. There are blocks for them to build things with. They can make paper airplanes. It is probably easier to list what you can’t touch (these items are usually in display cases), than all the things you can see touch and experience at the museum.

There are so many things to see at Impression 5, you will want to come back again and again.  The best way to do this, is to become a member and take advantage of visiting their museum all year (they offer a family membership).  Another advantage to membership is their reciprocity membership that allows you to visit other museums for free or discounted throughout the country.

Check out the L.A.B.S. they offer from time to time as well to allow your kids to get hands on experience with the staff at I5. Class space is limited and is a great way to encourage budding young scientists and engineers.

Make sure to stop in and see Flow.  It’s the hands on water exhibit (and one of my favorite).  So many different stations for the kids to play, explore and learn.

Flow water exhibit

soda pop bottle attraction outside of Impression 5 Museum

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