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Smoked Potatoes

We own a smoker and smoke a lot of ribs, so we started smoking potatoes.  If you like cooking in the smoker, you need to try potatoes.  Smoked baked potatoes add another flavor profile to the potatoes and is easy to do.

You can watch our video too.

clean potato


Washed Potatoes (we use Idaho)
Coarse Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

bowl of potatoes

How to Smoke Baked Potatoes

While your smoker is coming to temp (225-250F), prepare the potatoes.

In a bowl, add the potatoes (we do 4-5 at a time).

Add olive oil (enough to coat the potatoes) and about a teaspoon each of salt and pepper)

Rub the potatoes into the oil and get coated with salt and pepper.

Place 2-3 potatoes together in foil and close the foil around, but tenting so that steam can escape.

Repeat for the rest of the potatoes.

Place the potatoes into the smoker and ensure they are open.

The potatoes will need to cook 5-6 hours, until fork tender.

smoking potatoes

When you open the potatoes they will be a darker color and have the smoke taste. You will notice that they oil may be darker as well.

smoked potatoes

Bake Potato Tips

  • We don’t give tips on using your smoker, we feel you should know how to work your smoker best and there are many you could be using.
  • If you like a lot of smoke, don’t tent the foil on the potatoes a lot and you will get a LOT of smoke flavor.
  • Want them to just be smoke kissed, close the foil closed more.
  • Be sure to wash your potatoes, so they don’t taste like dirt.
  • You can start smoking the potatoes while preparing your meat as they may take longer than the meat.
  • Put the potatoes closer to the heat, so the cook faster.
  • Use coarse salt on the potatoes instead of table salt.

Ever ate a potato that has been smoked? It's got some flavor! We're sharing how you can easily smoke baked potatoes in your smoker.

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