Dry Your Gloves & Winter Gear Quick With Green Glove Dryer

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glove on assembled dryer

I was sent a dryer from The Green Glove Dryer to review.  My opinions are my own and my differ from yours.

Don’t you just hate it when your gloves get all wet inside and you put them in the dryer and all the fingers don’t dry?

For years I felt the only option was to have 3-4 pairs of gloves for the kids, so they could continue to play outside. It would even happen to me and my husband with doing chores outside in the winter.

Thanks to the Green Glove Dryer, you can have fewer soggy fingers and save money on all those extra gloves. Their company is located in Michigan (In Michigan we know about mittens and gloves needing to be dry)

convenient bag for storage

Green Glove Dryer Works

You can use the Green Glove Dryer to get your gloves and mittens dried inside easier.

unassembled dryer

How it Works!

It comes with instructions on how to put it in together.  It assembles in about 15 seconds.

See those holes in the pieces? They help push air through your mittens/gloves to dry.

To get it to work, send your kids outside to play.  And wait.  They are almost guaranteed to come back in with wet gloves.

assemble dryer in seconds

You set up the Green Glove Dryer and place it over your register.  You place the gloves over the tube so that the air of the register blows into the glove and dries out the inside.

snap connections for easy assembly

It is not meant for boots.  It is made out of light weight material, so it tips over with heavy things (that it wasn’t made for).  I propped the boots up against the door and it allowed the boots to also dry. Putting shoes on it, it stayed up on it’s own.

floor register

It does rely on the air from the vent, so it only works, when the furnace is running. Since it’s winter, it does turn on often enough to dry the gloves more efficiently than the clothes dryer.

Order your own dryer and get your kiddos (and your gloves) dried so you can go back out and have fun in the snow! Keep your vehicle ready for winter too.

gloves and shoes on green glove dryer

Be Prepared When Winter Strikes

Do you struggle to dry your wet gloves, hats & shoes? Get a Green Glove Dryer to get them dry faster and more efficiently.

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  2. We couldn’t live without our boot dryer! We are a snowmobiling family and it’s essential to have our equipment dry…often by the next morning. We own 5 boot dryers in our house and they are such a lifesaver.

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