How to Make an Inexpensive Pixelated Spider Costume

Minecraft Halloween or Cosplay costume

Halloween always involves me trying to be crafty and handy with my sewing machine.  My son tells me he wanted to be the spider from Minecraft for Halloween.  This one I had to think about.  Find out how you can make a pixelated spider costume on a budget.  Pixelated!

This project took about 1 hours to complete.  I am not the best at sewing, but I felt it was pretty easy to do.

He likes to challenge me for costumes  I’ve also made him a carwash costume (a brush using strips of felt glued to a shirt) and a Petoskey Stone.

Pixelated Spider Costume

I could have bought a spider costume, but I chose to go shopping at my local thrift store to make this spider costume.  Minecraft is pixelated.  What is similar to pixels?  Plaid. Here is how to make a Minecraft spider costume for Halloween or for Minecraft Cosplay.

What you’ll need:
4 plaid shirts (gray in color preferred)
10-15 red 1 inch squares (I got them from a 5th red plaid shirt)
6 pieces of foam cut into 3-4 inch pieces
sewing machine
heat tape & iron
3 foot dowel cut in half (optional)

One of the gray shirts needs to fit and be a size to big.  This is the one that will be worn, and everything will be attached to.

Take the other 3 shirts an cut the sleeves off. Spiders have 8 arms, 2 of the arms will be your arms for the costume.

assembling costume

Spider Costume: Adding Eyes

Cut your red squares out of the red plaid shirt also.

You can use the heat tape iron to iron these ‘eyes’ onto the front of the shirt in the chest area. This makes it easier than sewing them.

I needed to narrow down the  sleeves as they were pretty big for the foam.  I turned them inside out and sewed in a few inches.

Take the sleeve and place your arm in it.  Grab the piece of foam and pull it into the sleeve (so you are turning it inside right and removing your arm).  It makes putting the foam into the sleeve much easier. Repeat for a 6 arms

Spider Costume: Attaching the Legs

You will way to lay out the shirt and determine where on the back to layout the extra legs (arms).

It will be easiest to attach them below the arms you will be using.

Sew the arms onto the side and down the back of the costume in a row, 3 on each side.

Push the foam up into the arms more and if needed you can sew them shut where the hands would come out, or just use a safety pin to keep it from coming out.

You can take a dowel and make a hole in the shirt and the foam and put the dowel through it for each arm.  This will allow you to move all the arms together.

Don’t forget to make your favorite Halloween treat for your Halloween Party.

sewing minecraft costume together arms for spider costume making spider eyes Does your kid want to be a Minecraft spider for Halloween? Check out how you can make a pixelated spider costume pretty easily and on a budget. -


Do your kids love minecraft? See how you can make a homemade Halloween costume of the Minecraft spider. Easy costume idea with a little sewing.


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