How to Make a Beautiful Topsy Turvy Flower Tower Project

flowers planted in whimsical tilted pots

Topsy Turvy Flower Pot Project

I wanted to make a statement on the front of our house.  It’s a big square house, a four-square.  Because all the sides are square and the same size (I’m guessing that’s the reason).  Anyway.  I had an idea for a flower pot project.  I made these topsy turvy flower tower to add a pop for the front of the house until I decide how to do the flowers around the outside.

They were really easy to do.  We put flowers that fell out and down the edge of the pots AND we used them as a container garden for our strawberries.

What You Need to Build a Topsy Turvey Flower Tower:

2 cans of spray paint (we did 2 colors)
8 -clay pots (ours were about the size of a gallon of milk)
2 – 4 foot metal rods
2 huge pots (we used acrylic)
2-3 large bags of potting soil (you will need large bags IF you are using huge pots.  If you are not, then you will need less).
flowers to put in the pots
or strawberry plants

painting pots

how to make a container garden


Start by deciding what colors you want your clay pots to be.  We used really large pots for the bottom pot, but can skip that and just use the same size for all levels.

Paint the pots and allow to dry.  They may need 2 coats.  There is not a need to paint them on the inside.

Once the pots are dry, take the first pot and place it upside down where you want the display to be.

Place the rod into the hole of the pot and secure it into the ground.

Place the next pot on top of the first pot (this time the opening side up) and tilt it a bit and allow it to rest onto the first pot.

Repeat this until all your pots are on the display, leaning on each other and going opposite directions.

If you have a lot of the metal rod still sticking out, push it down into the ground further OR use a hammer to pound into the ground.

Repeat process for the other tower.

Add the soil and plants into the pots. If you add the soil and then add the plants, you’ll be removing soil because you put to much in.

placing rebar inside ceramic containers
large and small containers tilted holding strawberry plants with flowers at the top
This topsy turvy tower flower pot project is a fun way to add a unique decoration for the front or side of your home. Put flowers in it, use it as a container garden. Great project to do with your family.

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