How to Make a Button Flower Bouquet

pot with foam and button flowers placed inside it with wire

Homemade Button Flower Bouquet

Looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift, teacher appreciation or unique flowers for your bridal shower, you can make button flower bouquets.  This is a great way to have your kids develop their fine motor skills assembling the button flowers on the wires. A perfect gift for Valentine’s on a budget.

button project

What you’ll need:

  • ceramic flower pot (we got 4″ pots)
  • foam that will fit inside your pot. 1
  • assorted buttons assorted sizes, shapes (and even flower shaped if you want)
  • craft wire (we used 26 gauge)
  • wire cutters

You will want to cut wire in various lengths.  4-8 inches.  This will give your flowers depth when in the pot.  You’ll get long stems and short stems this way.

You will fold the wire in half (like a U).

Select 4-6 or more buttons (more if you want to make bigger flowers).

button flowers

YouTube video

How Do I Make Button Flowers?

When you make the button flowers, you are making them from the top to the stems.  You will want to place the smallest buttons first, and then the larger buttons nearest the ‘stem’.  You will then twist the wires to secure the buttons in place.  Twist the wire all the way down to the end.

Repeat until you have a lot of flowers to fill out the pot.  We make about 14 flowers for our 4″ pot.

cut styrofoamHow To Make The Foam Fit Into Your Pot

The foam we purchased did not fit in to the pot.  We had to use a knife and cut it down to fit securely.

You may need to trim your foam to fit as well.

how to make topsy turvy flower pots


Take your button flowers and arrange them in your flower pot. Make sure to vary the size of the flowers and height of the wire (the stems) so it looks beautiful.  Move the flowers around if needed.

assembled button flowers

Once you have the desired number of button flowers created, you are done (varies based on the size of your pot).

My kids spent a few nights working on their button flower projects as we gave them as teacher gifts for Valentine’s Day.  It was unique, different and not candy.

Have your kids make button flower bouquets for Mother's Day, Valentines Day & more! Great motor skill project that are so stinking cute.

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  1. Comment Starter: Now arent those the cutest flowers, will last forever and I bet could be made into pins too.

    1. I’m sure they could be made into pins too Karren, but that would cause some thinking on my part or to watch someone do it first to tackle it!

  2. This is a really adorable project you have here! The buttons you used are so cute. I hope i can find something like that.

    1. We got the flower ones at Walmart along with some of the very colorful ones. The rest were in a big container we got at Michaels. They were pretty reasonably priced and if you have a 40-50% off coupon at Michaels, even better!

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