Impression 5 SMASH – Nuclear Exhibit SMASH Lansing Michigan

Impression 5 Museum Sign

The SMASH Nuclear Exhibit at Impression 5

Located in downtown Lansing Michigan, You’ll find the Impression 5 Science Museum.  With over  29,000 square feet to explore, this is a kid friendly museum you’ll want to add to your list of things to see, including the new SMASH Nuclear Exhibit!

Think you won’t be amazed? This museum is not just for kids.  Impression 5 is a place where multigenerational families can come together and share stories, ask questions and make meaningful memories.

If you think you have seen the museum and haven’t been there in a while, you need to come check it out again. They are constantly improving the museum, including the new Smash Exhibit which focuses on nuclear energy.

hands on exhibits for science isotopes in the museum
You can build isotopes with this hands-on exhibit at Impression 5 Science Museum

Smash: A Nuclear Adventure

In the Smash Exhibit, you can explore nuclear science in many ways.  There are several on exhibits at Impression 5 that allow you to build atoms and discover how isotopes are made.  These models were created to simulate the research that is happening at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University.

smash exhibit with atoms
Try your hand at building your own atoms at Impression 5.

The Smash Exhibit is great for young kids, but what I found is that it is also great for older kids.  They have science related material that is college level, but it still allow young kids to learn as well.

things to do with your family in Lansing Michigan

wall of science exhibit
This was a super fun exhibit to play with. You get the balls going and try to capture just certain colors. I enjoyed it as much as the 5 year old who played it.

This was my favorite exhibit.  There are two stations that allow you to release the balls and try to capture just certain colors.  It was like a race track of balls going around and around.

Have you visited the Impression 5 Museum lately? The science museum continues to grow and improve. From new exhibits to traveling exhibits. See whats new.

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