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I’m tired of hiding the Elf on a Shelf.  This is teaching my kids, they can’t touch the elf, they have to be good in order to get things and has taught me it’s a pain to remember to move every day. Not to mention seeing so many posts of everyone’s elf being naughty.  It’s just not what I want for my kids anymore.

So I had read a post about kindness elves and I thought, how can this be done for my kids. I searched online and couldn’t find a kindness elf.  There was no ‘specific elf’ that was a kindness elf.  So I found an elf for us. I found the two #aff Elf Boy & Girl Elves . You can make your own too or shop locally during Christmas.

I wanted to instill in my kids festive acts of kindness and that they should do kind deeds for others and pay it forward. Not worry about Santa and what he gets reported back to him. Our elf has never done bad things or misbehaved.  He just sits around and looks creepy.

Kindness Elf Poem

You can include a little poem to introduce your elf, something like this Kindness Elf Poem.


Printable templates

You can buy or make your own elf (depending on your craftiness.  You can use these printable hearts I made and you can leave one a day with your elf, or write up your own.  There 25 days to think of good things to do, I gave you a few to start with.  You only have to remember to give a new heart each day, however many you want to do.  You don’t have to move the elf around.

Kindness Elf Printables

I encourage you to help teach your kids to pay it forward and do kind things for someone. Show them to think of others and not just themselves.

And best part, let your kids hug, kiss and touch the kindness elves!  See what we did in 2014 with the kindness elves.

Have a kindness elf? Check out these free printables we created to go with it to teach your kids how to be kind to others.

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  1. Dear Regina, first, that’s my wifes first name also; but she goes by her middle name Lynn. We were looking for a short poem for our daughter to recite for a school fundrasier talent show. I put elf poems in the search engine and your kindness elf poem came up. I think it is a great idea.
    When she recites it I want her to give author credit where due. So I will have here say, “Kindness Elf by Regina” if that is okay.
    Thank you,
    Felix Thompson
    Checotah OK Public School Intervention Monitor

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