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My family and I live a little more than an hour away from Frankenmuth Michigan.  So we will go there at least 4 times, a year.  And sometimes I just make a run to Frankenmuth myself for shopping.  There are so many fun things to do in Frankenmuth.

Little Bavaria is located not too far from the Birch Run shopping outlet mall and it’s worth the drive to come visit and shop in this town rich in German culture.  From the architecture to the shop, to the delicious foods, beverages and cheese, you can’t go wrong coming to Frankenmuth Michigan.

zehnders chicken dinner

Chicken Dinner Winner

A lot of people like the chicken dinners at the Bavarian Inn.  Across the street is Zehnder’s and they serve a famous chicken dinner too.  Regardless of where you go, it’s going to be great food.

Food To Go

You need to make sure you stop at the bakery downstairs at the Bavarian Inn.  There are lots of little shops to take home gifts for your family as well as delicious baked goods.  There is a small place you can sit and eat your goodies at too.

Zehnder’s also has a Marketplace you can shop at.  There are lots of unique baking items, seasonings and foods.  They have a bakery as well with more of your sweet treats (in my opinion) and are my favorite go to when I’m there.

cheese haus

Down the street is the Cheese Haus where you can find lots of cheese and sausage options to take home. They have samples of their wares as well. I love the cheese curds and the cheese spreads.  This is about a block from the Bavarian Inn. They sorta share the same parking lot.  You can drive in the parking lot from one to the other versus getting out on the street.

YouTube video

Even further up the street (you’ll wanna possibly move your car), is the Frankenmuth Brewery.  I have not been inside myself, but have been told by friends they have great burgers.

Want sausage?  Be sure to stop by Kerns or Willi’s to get some sausage to go with your cheese.

shopping little bavaria

Where To Shop In Frankenmuth Michigan

There are great shops along the main street of Frankenmuth to visit and explore.  But you cannot overlook River Place as well.  There are some great jobs there that you will want to go to after visiting downtown.  Unique shops, great snacks and food there also.  Grab a cupcake from Sugar High Bakery (they were on the Food Network Cupcake Wars).

Don’t forget to travel on the covered wood bridge behind the Bavarian Inn to River Place.  You can only go about 10 mph, but it’s fun to do.

I could not forget about stopping in and spending a few hours at Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland!  This place is huge, there are zones depending on what you are looking for. You can get personalized ornaments, trees, garland, everything Christmas is here. Remember where you parked, be sure to get a MAP (yes they have maps) to figure out where to go. They do offer pictures with Santa during the holidays. Don’t forget to look at the displays outside. Many places for selfies and you can drive along with your car too.

History of Frankenmuth

You can tour the Frankenmuth Historical Museum. There is a small fee to go in, but it contains a lot of memorabilia from the town.

Zehnders Splash Village

Staying in Frankenmuth

There are many different places you can stay in Frankenmuth. We have stayed at Zehnder’s Splash Village (next to Bronner’s) several times. It’s a waterpark with hotels. They do offer day passes to the waterpark and have lockers you can rent. They recommend you make reservations.  This is great for the kids to swim while you shop and the hubby could stay with the kids too. We enjoyed the food there as well, great selections for kids.

We have also stayed at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. They have a pool with a couple waterslides and games as well. There are a few great restaurants to enjoy here as well.  They put on a great feast for Easter and Thanksgiving too if you don’t want to cook.

If you want to do mall shopping and see Frankenmuth, you could also stay in Birch Run, about 20 minutes south and just off I-75.

bronners CHRISTMAS Wonderland

Other Things To Do In Little Bavaria

You can visit Grandpa Tiny’s Farm. There is a petting zoo, a store to shop in and exhibits.  Be sure to check the hours and activities.  In the Fall, there is a corn maze and U-Pick pumpkins.  Kids can learn where food comes from.

Make pretzels.  The Bavarian Inn offers a class to make your own pretzel. It requires reservations and it really fun to do.

Making Pretzels in Bavarian Inn Frankenmuth Michigan

Ziplining.  This is on my list of things to do here.  Gliding along and looking at the beautiful colors.  It’s hard to decide which season to do this, Fall would be my favorite I think. (Love pretzels? Make your own fresh pretzels at home too.)

military air and space museum frankenmuth mi

Michigan’s Own Military and Space Museum.  There are many things to see in here military related.  There are a couple military vehicles outside that you just can’t miss.  This is just down the road from Bronner’s heading into town and down the road from the Ziplining.

Winter Festival.  This happens in January, in the cold.  There are ice sculptures to come view along with snow sculptures and great food. It’s a short festival that happens yearly and people from all over come to experience.

Kroger Frankenmuth Michigan

Be sure to head north of town too, you’ll notice that the other businesses have adopted the Bavarian look to their businesses.  The McDonald’s, Rite Aid and Kroger grocery store have blended in with the towns German theme.

Take a carriage ride through town on a horse drawn carriage.  Feeling adventurous, there are riverboat cruise too. Enjoy a PedAle tour where you pedal your way through town on a pedal-powered trolly.

There are many things to enjoy in Frankenmuth, including wineries and breweries. Enough to spend a weekend (or two) enjoying the town.

The town does a great job of having activities for visitors throughout the year and many festivals and activities.  You just have to pick which ones you want to see.

We have compiled over 15 things to do Frankenmuth Michigan. From shopping, food, to other activities, your family will enjoy visiting Little Bavaria.

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