a look inside the Michigan Renaissance Festival

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Renaissance Festival in Michigan

Have you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to live in the renaissance era?  The Michigan Renaissance Festival may be what you are looking for  It is a festival that happens on the weekends from mid-August to the beginning of October.  And people who come, come dressed to impress.

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A Look Inside the Michigan Renaissance Festival

This is not just a local event.  As I walked into the Michigan Renaissance Festival, I noticed license plates as far away as Virginia.

And while you are welcome to come dressed in your everyday clothes, you will find that this festival also caters to those who like to take it to the next level.  Each weekend has a different theme. Don’t have a costume?  No problem, you can purchase one at the festival at one of the shops!

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There are food vendors, so you can get the huge turkey leg.  And pickles.  There are vendors who are selling pickles.  There is a variety of food to select from, so you won’t go hungry.

Experience a Show at the Festival

When you purchase your tickets at the festival, be sure to pick up a map.  It will lay out where everything is at and give you times of the shows. This will help you plan out your day and strategy to see everything.

There is jousting, hecklers, tomato throwing, games for the kids and more!


michigan ren festival jousting

unique festivals in Michigan

What you need to know before you go

  • parking is free
  • if it rains, it will be muddy
  • the festival carries on rain or shine
  • the walk way is dirt, covered with wood chips
  • the bathrooms are port-a-potties
  • there are ATMS if you need cash

queen mich ren fest


michigan ren fest
When trying to park, I drove way to far into the festival.  If you go past the entrance, you have gone to far and need to turn around. You should be on the other side of this for parking.

Have you been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly Michigan? Come check this festival out in late August to early October. Get a turkey leg!

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