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Best Street Art – Jackson Michigan

For the past few years, you can visit Jackson Michigan in early September and see artists from all over come and paint murals.  It’s called Bright Walls and they have a Facebook page where you can get additional information (and maps).  It is some of the best street art I have visited.  In about a 2 block radius, there are almost 40 murals.

We’ve captured several of the murals and from what I could find, I don’t see where they are named.  But if you find yourself on Pearl Street and Michigan Avenue between Mechanic and Jackson Streets, you are at a decision point.  Going either direction (to Cortland or Louis Glick, you are going to find a lot of murals.  Look on the fronts, sides, backs and alleys.  There are so many amazing murals, grab your map and explore.

The 2022 Festival will be the last installment of the Bright Walls Festival.  It will be beautiful once completed.  It’s already amazing to walk through and see all the art work.  There are some very talented people from all over the globe that have put their heart and sole into these projects.

See the murals in Lansing Michigan.

YouTube video

library mural jackson
Located on the Jackson Library
lion mural jackson michigan
Do you see a lion or a rainbow?
floral mural jackson
Located in a parking lot, but very beautiful. You can see from the street.
jackson girl murak
Located on a street corner, a little hidden from view.
jackson peace
This is your sign to walk into this alley. LOTS of murals to see in the garden and on the backs of the buildings here.
vintage car jackson
Located at the back of Emma Nichols Garden and into a parking lot.
cat jackson
Just inside the Emma Nichols Garden.
woman jackson
Go into the Emma Nichols Garden and turn right at the end of it. This is located on the back of the building.
murals jackson michigan
There are several murals here in the Emma Nichols Garden.

murals jackson michigan

car jackson

floral mural jackson
Located on the side of a main road, you may want to cross the street to see its entirety.

Have you visited Jackson Michigan lately? They have had a Bright Walls project that has added some of the best street art downtown Jackson. Here are a few of our favorites

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