Tips to Recycle in America | Earth Day

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Tips to Recycle In America | Everyday Is Earth Day

Do you recycle? We stive to incorporate recycling in our life in simple ways. Even small changes can help the environment. We’ve got a few ways we recycle in America. Recycling is bigger than this list below. Use this as a starting point to get started.

Reusing what you already have will save a lot of money on your budget Something every generation has done in various ways.

Recycle It!

  • Find out where your local recycling center is and what items they will take.
  • Get a bin (or 2) and sort and clean your items before taking them to recycle.
  • Return plastic bags from the store, to the stores.

Meal Plan

  • Make meals at home versus stopping for fast food.  You will more than likely have leftovers.  This will also safe you money on your budget as prepared foods cost more.
recycled jar of bolts and screws
You can collect random screws and bolts in jars to use later.

Re-purpose What You Have  

  • Reuse boxes to store holiday items.
  • Take glass jars and use them for various things around the house.  You could also use them for lunches and soups.  We reuse our canning jars every year so we are not buying new each season.
    • We save extract nails & screws and have a jar for them in case we need them for future projects.
  • Remodeling?  Save the good board, doors, hinges, so you can reuse elsewhere in your projects.
  • Recycle cardboard for your garden or compost pile.
  • Use old broken pails for plants (the holes are great for drainage)
  • Reuse old jars for your spices.
medicine cabinet made from recycled wood flooring
Window frame projects are so fun. Allowing you to be creative. See how you can turn the window frame into a picture frame.

Take Your Own Bags

  • Bring your own reusable bags  We love the totes from Thirty-One Gifts as there are so many different sizes to select from.
  • With stores allow you to scan and shop, you can put all your groceries right into your own bags.
  • Keep bags in each of your vehicles so everyone brings in their own bag to shop.
  • Return any plastic bags you do have back to the grocery store (or where you can recycle)
Earth Day reusable bags - Thirty-One Gifts
The Large Utility tote from Thirty-One allows us to organize the food from wholesale stores and get it into the house easily.
Earth Day reusable bags - Thirty-One Gifts
Take in recyclable bags that are of various sizes. Have one for frozen / refrigerated items.

Earth Day reusable bags - Thirty-One GiftsSeparate the edible from the non-edible items too.

Take A Lunch To Work

  • Eat healthier and save money for that vacation by taking your lunch to work.
  • Insulated lunch bags are great to keep it cool till you are ready to eat.

Donate What You No Longer Need

  • If you find you no longer need items and they still have life in them, find local organizations who take donations.
  • Post online items you have for free (or for sale) for others to use.
  • End of the driveway.  Put things at the end of your driveway with a free sign for people to get.


Find new ways to use items you have.

  • Perhaps you have a bucket that has holes in it. Use it to for container gardening.
  • Turn old wood into a cabinet or spice rack, book shelves or mirror frame.
  • Look for items online for sale (or free) from others to repurpose.
  • Create an herb garden with old pots or containers that no longer have bottom. Helps keep herbs from spreading.
  • Use old doors to make bookshelves and unique decorative walls.

How do you recycle in America (and beyond)?

Want to improve your carbon footprint? Check out these 7 tips on how to make Earth Day everyday. Simple tips to recycle in America.

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