easy homemade blueberry popsicles

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blueberry popsicles

blueberry ice cream popsicle recipe

All summer long, we have blueberries in our fridge. We are always looking for different recipes we can make things with them.  My son likes to sneak in and have a bowl of fresh blueberries so I have to hurry and make something with them or freeze them for later. So making blueberry ice cream into popsicles, was just another way we can enjoy blueberries.

This ice cream recipe is very simple to make and only requires 3 ingredients. I love how simple it is, my kids have even made ice cream with this recipe.


1 cups heavy cream
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)

homemade blueberry lemon scones

making homemade ice cream by hand


In a food processor , add the heavy cream and sugar.  You can also use  a manual blender to mix the cream and sugar together.

Mix on a medium for about 60 seconds. Check and ensure the sugar is mixed. If more mixing is needed, mix in 30 second increments until the sugar and cream are mixed.

mini blueberry french toast

making blueberry popsicles
You can use fresh or frozen blueberries for this recipe.

Take your popsicle containers and add a few blueberries into each container.

Pour the ice cream mix in and tap down to allow the cream to go to the bottom. Add more berries.

Repeat until the container is full and put the popsicle container together (ours has 2 pieces).

Pour the popsicle container into the freezer and allow to freeze overnight.

Remove from the freezer and run under warm water briefly to loosen if it will not come out on it’s own.

Enjoy your refreshing blueberry popsicles!

homemade blueberry lemon muffins

filled popsicle tray
Leave room for the sticks to go into the popsicle or they may over fill.

Love blueberries? Make this deliciously cream blueberry popsicles. Just 3 ingredients and you are on your way to your own blueberry ice cream popsicles.

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