From Scratch to Splendid: The Best Homemade Ham Gravy Recipe

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ham dinner with gravy
Best gravy to go with Easter Dinner over mashed potatoes and ham slices

Ham Gravy From Drippings

Sometimes when I make a ham, I forget to make gravy afterwards.  I get to focused on putting all the food on the table.  But when I make ham gravy, it is so good. 

This gravy works well, when you are baking a ham that is delicious and juicy, like a oven baked honey ham, orange glazed, cherry glaze or brown sugar bourbon glazed ham. So that those drippings and make a gravy!

Serve your gravy over slices of ham and on your mashed potatoes.

You can serve your baked ham along side your turkey dinner. It’s ok to have two gravy’s – one for your ham and one for your turkey as they are two different meats.

Adding ham drippings/ham broth
ham gravy
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Easy Homemade Ham Gravy From Drippings

Indulge in the rich, savory goodness of our homemade ham gravy. Made from pan drippings, spices, and a touch of culinary magic. Elevate your holiday feast and add a burst of flavor to every succulent slice of ham.
Course: Sauces and Gravy
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 meal
Author: Regina Sober


  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 cups ham drippings or whatever you can get from ham drippings
  • 1 teaspoon ground pepper


  • Start out by gathering your ham drippings and measuring to see how much you have. The recipe may need to be adjusted if you have less drippings.
  • In a pot, add the water and cornstarch.
  • Mix together until there are no lumps.
  • Add the ham drippings and cook on medium heat.
  • Stir in the pepper and bring the gravy to a boil
  • Let the mix come to a rolling boil (one you cannot stir down).
  • Remove from heat and place into your gravy boat.


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You could add in half and half to get the same amount of liquid as the recipe calls for. 
Or reduce the amount of liquid, if you want to make less gravy.

Making Gravy From Baked Ham Dinner

If you want to make a delicious gravy, you will want to cook it on medium heat, until the gravy thickens.

To make it easy, I would remove the ham from the roasting pan so you can drain the ham drippings out of the pan. You can return it to the pan for slicing and plating on your serving platter.

The ham drippings will have all the delicious flavors from the basting you did while it was cooking. If you did a brown sugar, honey ham, or cooked your ham with pineapple, the drippings will have all of that flavor.

Don’t forget to take the leftover ham and potatoes to make other recipes.  Take the sliced potatoes and make scalloped potatoes.  Better yet, make ham and scalloped potatoes for another delicious meal.

bringing to boil

A good gravy has a little pepper in it. If you find it bland, you can add a little salt.

What Kind of Gravy Do You Serve With Ham?

That’d be ham, of course! It’s made from the drippings from the ham as it cooks. It’s important to cover the pan, to keep the juices from evaporating. Also glazing with a honey glaze or pineapple juice glaze also provides additional liquid to make the gravy.

Make sure you are whisking constantly to remove the lumps of cornstarch. You can strain the gravy if you want, but this will also remove any flavorful bits of ham.

corn starch and water
starting with cold water and corn starch

Can I Use Corn Starch Instead of Flour?

You can use either one to thicken the gravy. If you have a flour taste when using flour, you may want to simmer the gravy longer. Be sure you are also whisking the gravy until it becomes thick. When it starts to get thick, it’s done.

Can You Include Ham Drippings?

It is a personal preference on if you put them in your gravy or not. I like to have them in, as you can tell it’s homemade and and all the flavonoids of ham make it better (in my opinion).

Why Is My Gravy Bland?

If you find the ham gravy does not have a rich flavor, you can add salt to taste and then if needed add pepper and taste.

ham drippings

What Kind of Ham Do You Use To Make Gravy?

You can use a boneless ham, bone in ham or make gravy from a spiral ham.  Whatever one you bake, you can use to make a delicious gravy.

Indulge in the rich, savory goodness of our homemade ham gravy. Made from pan drippings, spices, and a touch of culinary magic. Elevate your holiday feast and add a burst of flavor to every succulent slice of ham.

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