7 Heavenly Ham Dinner Recipes to Elevate Your Holiday Table

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sliced ham with pineapple slices

Cooking Ham Dinner Ideas For The Holidays

Looking for a new way to cook ham dinner? We’ve got seven delicious holiday ham recipes that are sure to please. From boneless ham to bone-in or spiral, you can select your ham type and then make the recipe.

Elevate your Christmas ham and Easter ham dinner recipes with these favorites. From baking in the oven to slow cooking, we have recipes that can be interchanged, depending on how you want to make your ham.

ham on platter with sliced pineapple rings

Brown Sugar Glazed Pineapple

Our favorite way to bake ham, is our brown sugar pineapple ham. The flavors of the pineapple melting into the ham and the brown sugar adding a sweetness. The gravy is a favorite over mashed potatoes.

cherry spiral ham

Cherry Rum Glazed

Cherry glazed ham is perfect for your next holiday.  We’ve take cherries and spiced rum, to make the perfect glazed ham recipe.  There are great flavors with this glaze and it’s not complicated to put together.

bourbon glazed in roasting pan with pineapple on toothpicks

Glazed Brown Sugar Bourbon Baked

We used a carving ham for this bourbon glazed ham and it was amazing. The glaze caramelized on the outside of the ham with the sugars.

basting glaze onto baked pork

Honey Glazed with Pineapple

This honey glazed ham with fresh pineapple was sweet and packed with flavor.  The sweetness from the honey was not over powering and compliments the pineapple well.

honey glazed spiral cured pork

Honey Glazed Spiced Cooked Ham

This honey glazed spiced ham was perfect for Easter and the spices gave the ham and sweet and spicy flavor that was mouthwatering delicious.

orange glazed rum basting on spiral gammon

Orange Rum Glazed

Orange rum glaze is a great way to add flavor to your ham.  Using a spiral ham will get the flavors in each layer that will infuse the flavors through out this amazing ham dinner.

sliced pineapples with gammon

Slow Cooked with Clove and Pineapple

Never have dry ham again!  Cooking this ham with cloves and pineapple infuses delicious spices to flavor your ham.  Using the Slow cooker keeps it covered to keep it from drying out and allows the pineapple juice to cook the ham. Do measure the ham before placing into the slow cooker. You want it to fit! If it’s a whole ham, consider using a roaster, but cut the ham into two pieces.

Tips to Baking Holiday Dinner:

  • Pick your flavors you want to use for your baked ham recipe
  • Use a half ham if cooking for a smaller crowd
  • Select the type of ham you want (bone-in, boneless, spiral)
  • Make sure ham will fit into your pan/slow cooker
  • Verify ham is precooked (precooked are cooked to 165F)
  • Select your sides and if you will make gravy
  • Gather recipes for leftovers (if there are any), like soup and scalloped potatoes
  • Have a little room in your shallow roasting pan (you don’t want one that just fits, give it room)
  • Ham glaze is put on in the middle of cooking and at the end
  • Use a thermometer to check internal temperature of the ham
  • Use a sharp knife to carve the ham
  • Let the ham rest after removing it from the oven or slow cooker
  • Remove ham from the pan and make gravy from the drippings
  • Light brown sugar or dark brown sugar can use used for glaze, use what you have on hand
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Wow your guests this holiday season with our options to cook ham dinner! Easy to make and bursting with flavor.

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