Sugar Cookie Easter Basket Recipes

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sugar cookie easter treats

sugar cookie Easter basket recipe

These little cookie sugar cookie Easter baskets are fun to make. Your kiddos will love helping you put them together.  They take

Perfect for your Easter celebration. Pick out the candies you want (preferably egg shaped).

I used prepackaged cookie dough for consistent portion control in making the baskets.  You can also make these with your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

We used the cupcake, baking cups.  They made clean up easy and the cookies came out of them easy. Nothing was stuck in the cupcake tin. Their beautiful colors added to the baskets we made as well.

delicious Easter egg nests

sugar cookie cupcakes


1 package of sugar cookies (can also use your own sugar cookie recipe)
cupcake holders
1 1/2 cups coconut
green food dye
egg shaped candies

sugar cookie coconut green


Preheat the oven to the temperature you need to cookie the sugar cookies.
Place the cupcake holders in the cupcake tin.
Place a cookie in the bottom of the cup.
Cook the cookies per their directions.
While the cookies are cooking, mix the coconut and food coloring together in a bowl (about 8-10 drops or until the green consistency you want).
Once the cookies come out, allow to cool slightly and add the coconut and then the candies.
Serve and eat.

how to make pineapple cupcakes

These will be perfect Easter cookies after your your Easter egg hunt!

Serve them with your other treats:

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Easter Basket Cookies
Easter Bird Nests
Easter Coconut Nests

Want to make edible easter baskets? Check out these easy and cute sugar cookies Easter egg baskets. Great treats for your Easter celebration.

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