how to make a farmhouse mirror from a window

farm house window to mirror DIY

We renovated our bathroom.  I had a hard time finding a mirror I liked to go into the farmhouse bathroom.  We had an old window that fit the space perfectly. Here is how I completed the DIY window mirror project.

Give a rustic vintage look to your bathroom by converting an old window into a mirror. This is a great DIY shabby chic project. -

What you’ll need:
Window frame that fits in the space you want a mirror (the window frame has to be in good shape and not falling to pieces)  Look for a window with a good solid structure.
Tools: 5-in-1, screwdriver, hammer, gloves, safety glasses, paint scraper, mask
sand paper and sander
primer & paint (decide now if you want a satin or glossy finish)
hooks to hang on the wall

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Getting Started

You will want to have a flat surface to work on.  It is important to wear safety glasses and gloves when working with the glass, should it break.

Use the 5-in-1 or scraper to remove the grout along the edges.  Safely remove the glass. If it doesn’t break, you can set it aside for other projects.  I had some windows break and I just moved the frame over the trash and broke them over the trash can, so there wasn’t a mess.

Work to get any access grout out of the window channel.

You will need to decide if you want to remove the grid or keep it in the window frame (if your window has this).  I opted to remove the grid as it was damaged.

Wearing your mask and safety glasses, remove any loose paint.  Use the 5-in-1 or scraper.  Sand down any uneven areas if you want a smooth surface.  I just sanded to get any loose paint off using 120 grit sand paper.

Make decisions

Here is where I was undecided.  I originally wanted to have many layers of paint and sand down so you could see them all.  I painted red paint, then a layer of a gray paint. When I selected my brown paint, it was gloss (and too glossy).  So I had to sand down my project and I used Rustoleum flat dark brown paint.

Install the hooks to hang the wall.  If your window is heavy, you will want to get heavy duty.

This gave me the look I was going for.  It’s not a perfect looking flat surface frame.  You can still tell it is old. On the left you an see the mechanism that allowed you to open and close the window.

To install the glass I took it to the local glass shop and had them install it.  They gave 3 options you should be aware of.  Cut the glass and you install. Cut the glass and install with push points.  They cut the glass and install with push points and silicone.  They recommended using  silicone if you are installing on a wall with a door (for $12)

If you are handy, just have them cut the glass to fit and install yourself. I opted to have them install and use the silicone.  As you can see, I could have saved myself $12 and ran a bead of it around myself (lesson learned).

You will want to measure and hang your mirror where you wanted it to be placed. and enjoy.

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Love the farmhouse look? Check out how you can make a farmhouse mirror from a window. Find the perfect window for the project and get started! #farmhousemirror #farmhousebathroommirror #farmhousemirrordiy #farmhousemirrordecor #farmhousemirrorframe #farmhousewindowproject #farmhousemirroridea #farmhousewindowideas #farmhousewindowmakeover

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