8 Guinness World’s Largest Roadside Attractions – Casey Illinois

World's Largest rocking chair in Casey Illinois

Where are the World’s Largest Roadside Attractions?

Located in the East Central part of Illinois, you will find the small town of Casey.  Thanks to Jim Bolin and his company Bolin Enterprises, Inc, he helped put Casey on the map with several World’s Largest Attractions in one city. Eight of them to be exact that are recognized by the Guinness World Records. Hardest part is deciding which World’s Largest Attraction is your favorite.

Casey Illinois not only have eight of the world’s largest roadside attraction, there are about 10 other ‘big things’ that are in town too.  Here in Casey, you can find the Worlds Largest: rocking chair, pitch fork, wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, wooden shoes, teeter totter and golf tee.

big token coin in Casey Illinois
Located before you get into town from Interstate 70, is the big token coin.
big rocking horse in Casey Illinois
From Interstate 70, you can also find this big rocking horse.

Seeing the attractions – World’s Largest in Casey

We arrived from Interstate 70 and noticed our first ‘big thing’ the big token coin at the bank on the left.  Further down the road on the right was the big rocking horse.  If you head to main street you will find a lot of the World’s Largest Roadside Attractions in that area.  We stopped in to see the largest wooden shoes (dutch shoes, clogs to exact size 161) and got a map and directions on where everything was.

World's Largest wooden shoes in Casey Illinois
Located inside Casey’s Candy Depot are these size 161 clogs.

Bring your camera, selfie stick and have fun

There are many shops located downtown to enjoy.  We went quickly through town as everything was closed and it was getting dark fast. It took us around an hour to see all the attractions.

Ideally, we would have arrived earlier, shopped and ate in town.

The rocking chair, wind chime and teeter totter are all across the street from each other, making it a great point to stop, shop and check out these attractions.

Love Guinness Book attractions? You need to stop into the small town of Casey Illinois & see their Guinness Book World's Largest Attractions. They have eight! See the World's Largest: mailbox, teeter totter, golf tee, wooden shoes (clogs), knitting needles, rocking chair and wind chimes. You can also find a big: ear of corn, pencil, bird cage, minion, yard stick, spinning top, token coin, rocking horse & bookworm. #caseyillinois #worldslargestwindchimes #worldslargestrockingchair #worldslargestknittingneedles #worldslargestmailbox #worldslargestwoodenshoes #worldslargestclogs #worldslargestgolftee #worldslargestteetertotter #worldslargestpitchfork
World's Largest wind chime in Casey Illinois
The wind chime has a charming coffee shop attached to it.
World's Largest teeter totter in Casey Illinois
Bring your friends and come play on the teeter totter. This is across the street from the wind chime.
World's Largest rocking chair in Casey Illinois
Across the street from the wind chime and teeter totter, you can walk under the largest rocking chair.

You will get to explore the downtown area as you walk around to find all these attractions.  The corn on the cob is just outside of the World’s Largest Knitting Needles.

The big pencil is down the street from the mailbox and bird cage.

There is also a minion some where downtown that is big outside of a store.

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big ear of corn in Casey Illinois
Right in front of the World’s largest knitting needles, sits a big ear of corn.

World's Largest mailbox in Casey IllinoisYou can climb into this mailbox and see the town.

World's Largest knitting needles in Casey Illinois
Inside the Yarn Studio, you’ll find the World’s Largest knitting needles.
big yard stick in Casey Illinois
The big yard stick sits facing the road. We were across the street, when we spotted it.
big pencil in Casey Illinois
The big pencil can be found kitty corner-ish from the World’s Largest mailbox
big top in Casey Illinois
We stumbled on the big top while looking for other roadside attractions.
big cactus in Casey Illinois
This big cactus is out of place in Illinois. And gold. Just down the road from the rocking chair, wind mill and teeter totter.
big bookworm in Casey Illinois
This is my favorite attraction. A big bookworm at the library.
big bird cage in Casey Illinois
The big bird case is not farm from the World’s largest mail box.
World's Largest pitch fork in Casey Illinois
World’s largest pitch fork sits outside of Richards Farm Restaurant weighing 1940 pounds!
World's Largest golf tee in Casey Illinois

At the Club House at the public golf course outside of downtown, you’ll find this huge golf tee.We had a ball trying to find all the roadside attractions before the sun went down.  Have you saw these roadside attractions?  Which is your favorite?

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