Pretzel Making at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant Frankenmuth Michigan

Thanks to the Michigan Ag Council for sponsoring the Frankenmuth Foodie Blogger tour.While in Frankenmuth, Michigan, they treated the blogger group to a pretzel making class.  This was held at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, downtown Frankenmuth.

baked pretzels
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Pretzel Making

The Pretzel Rolling Class at the Bavarian Inn  is only $4.99.  Reservations are required and should be done at least 2 hours prior to attending.

This is a great girls day out event, family event and definitely kid friendly.  You are not making the dough, it is provided for you.   For the class you receive an awesome hair net, beautiful glasses your kids will enjoy and the dough to make your pretzel.

pretzel mask

Your class will be led by someone from the Bavarian Inn staff (our class was led by Kellie).  We were provided  provided the interesting history of pretzels.  Within the history shared, we learned how it became it’s shape, which was pretty cool to learn.  Putting your pretzel into that shape seemed tricky, but most of us got it.

folded dough

The class involves rolling the dough and crossing it into the pretzel shape.  Kellie then took our pretzels downstairs, dipped them in a lye water bath and bake them for about 20 minutes.  While your pretzel is baking you can always visit the shops in the Inn, but you will want to stay close so you can pick up your pretzel and eat it while it’s warm.

This is an event I know my kids would love to do as they love to help me bake.

Make sure to enroll in the pretzel making class at the Bavarian Inn the next time you are in Frankenmuth.

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    1. It was fun and it did take a little bit to get the shape of the pretzel. Thanks for stopping by!

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