how to make bacon potato soup

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homemade potato soup

how to make bacon potato soup

Looking for a cheap inexpensive soup?  homemade bacon potato soup is the perfect way to take left overs and make a delicious soup.

Before I start, I take the pan I want to use and put potatoes in it, to see how many potatoes I need to fill it. Depending on their size, it can be 6 large potatoes or 9 medium size.

This recipe is good for about 4 people, with a little left over.

I like to make this soup on a day I’ve cooked bacon for breakfast.  I’ll chopped and put the left over bacon into the soup.

steps to make soup

about 6 cups of peels and chopped russet potatoes
1 – twelve ounce can of chicken stock
water (1 – 2 cups) read below
1/4 cup half and half (could substitute with milk)
1 cup carrots, peeled and chopped
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup chopped bacon
1/2 cup Colby cheese

cream in soup

potato soup instructions:

In a medium pan, add the chopped potatoes, carrots, pepper and chicken stock.

Add the water so that it is just barely covering the potatoes.  You are not draining the potatoes, to just barely cover the potatoes.  We won’t be draining the potatoes.

Once the potatoes are soft like you would mash them for mashed potatoes, mash them to break them down into smaller pieces, but not mush. (however chunky you want your soup).  I go over the entire pan twice and then add the half and half.

Add the bacon and Colby cheese (1 cup), stir in.

Allow the soup to thicken slightly and turn off the stove.

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make potato soup

Use your leftovers to make this delicious bacon potato soup. This is an easy recipe that is perfect to make with your left over bacon and potatoes.

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