Stunning Wall Murals You Need to See in Michigan

Sault Ste Marie Michigan

Whenever we go, I’m always looking for the murals in the area.  They are beautiful.  They sometimes tell a story of the town.  Most of these stunning wall murals can be found on the side of buildings. Some are just art, but are faded because they were used to advertise local businesses and show the towns history.  Michigan has some beautiful murals, I’m sharing some of my favorites from my travels.

but what is a  mural?

A wall mural is artwork that is painted or applied to a wall or ceiling.  Yes!  Some of the most beautiful murals have been painted on ceiling too!  (the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling mural was done by Michelangelo).

Where to find murals?

I usually find the murals when I get lost driving where every I am.  Honestly. I come across some stunning murals I would not have seen otherwise.

Wall murals are usually located on the sides of buildings that face the street.  You also find them on buildings facing parking lots.  Sometimes you have to look up to find the older wall murals.  They can even been on backs of buildings.  They may be simple, but some are stunning wall murals with intricate details.

Let me show you what murals I’ve found in Michigan

Battle Creek Michigan

Battle Creek Michigan
Look at the the activities you can do in Battle Creek Michigan!
Battle Creek Balloon festival
Have you been to Battle Creek Michigan during the balloon festival? Something to check out.
Sojourner Truth Battle Creek Michigan
In Battle Creek, you can find the Sojourner Truth wall mural.

Bay City Michigan

I found these two murals by accident when driving around in circles in downtown Bay City.

Bay City Michigan Mural
Beautiful Liberty mural in Bay City Michigan.
American Flag with Eagle Mural
Look how the American Legion decorated their building. Very patriotic mural in Bay City Michigan.

Cheboygan Michigan

Bunny rabbits and flower Mural Cheboygan Michigan
Some fun street art on the wall found in Cheboygan Michigan.

Escanaba Michigan

For Escanaba’s wall murals you’ll need to look up. They are on the upper part of the buildings downtown.

Wickert Floral Escanaba
Old business murals remind us of what was once in town. Like this advertisement in Escanaba Michigan.

check out what you can see at Michigan’s UP State Fair

Ludington Centre Escanaba
You have to look up to find some of the great murals in Escanaba like this one with pictures of the town’s founder. Escanaba Michigan
Bavarian Bakery Escanaba Michigan
An old bakery was once here in Escanaba Michigan.

Evart Michigan

Train and landscape mural Evart Michigan
Beautifully bright, this wall mural in Evart Michigan can’t be missed.

Frankenmuth Michigan

Frankenmuth mural
Located on Frankenmuth Michigan’s Historical Museum, you’ll see this mural showcasing the towns history.

Jackson Michigan

library mural jackson
Located in downtown Jackson on the library. There are many murals you can see as you visit.

Grand Rapids Michigan

fish mural grand rapids

This mural pops out of the ‘space’ it was painted it giving it some character.

Near the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, you’ll find this swimmingly beautiful mural. Grand Rapids Michigan

Greenfield Village Michigan

Even Greenfield Village has murals!

Mural at Henry Ford Museum
Located inside Greenfield Village, you’ll find this Ford sign as you tour near the old Model Ts. Greenfield Village Michigan

Holland Michigan

Studebaker auto mural
Old advertisements are a reminder of our history. LIke this Studebaker sign in Holland Michigan.

Ionia Michigan

Ionia Michigan Free Fair
At the Ionia Free Fair, find the beautiful old sign showcasing the fairs history. Ionia Michigan

downtown Lansing Michigan

Coffee mural downtown Lansing
Look up in downtown Lansing for this mural for Biggby’s. Lansing Michigan.
REO Olds
Located on the side of the REO Olds Museum building near the back, you’ll find this mural in Lansing Michigan.

Ludington Michigan

Beach and lighthouse mural
Ludington has many gorgeous murals, like this one. Waters Edge.
Michigan medal of honor recipients
The Michigan Medal of Honor recipients mural is in downtown Ludington Michigan.
Saputo mural Ludington
Check out the details of this grocery store scene in Ludington Michigan.
Father Marquette Michigan Mural
Father Marquette is depicted in this mural in Ludington Michigan.

Munising Michigan

pictured rock tours mural
Downtown Munising near the dock for the Pictured Rock tours, you’ll find this mural.

Sault Ste Marie Michigan

LSSU Mural
In Sault Ste Marie Michigan, you’ll find this stunning wall mural as you enter town.

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Long Ship Model, ship painting
The Long Ship Motel in downtown Sault Ste. Marie has this on the side of their building.

This long mural is located across from the Sault Locks in Sault Ste. Marie (Michigan side).

What stunning wall murals am I missing?

Michigan has some stunning wall murals. Do you know where they are hidden? Find out how you can find some beautiful murals in the Michigan.

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  1. This is a great post and just because I live in Michigan! Few see the beauty as they are walking the streets and I love to see the murals that highlight towns and cities. Thank you for sharing!

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