Simple Way to Make Flavored Vodka

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flavored vodka

How to Make Flavored Vodka

Have you ever tired to make your own flavored vodka?  It’s great for parties with your friends.  Perfect for the holidays and celebrations where you want something different.

Flavored vodka is simple and easy to plan for, for your next Halloween (or other) party.  I would recommend you make this a day before your event.

We found hard candies with fruit flavors, but you can use those $1 bags of candy of cinnamon, mint, root beer, etc.  Whatever flavors you want.

hard candy

What you’ll need:
Vodka (a bottle per flavor if lots of people, or divide the bottle and place into mason jars)
Hard candy with strong flavors you like

adult beverages made with candy corn

filled jars


Separate the hard candy by flavors and  place 4-5 pieces of candy (of the same flavor) into each bottle/jar.

Fill the jars equally with vodka and cover and seal.

Repeat as needed for any flavors of vodka you want to make.

Swirl the jars and allow them to sit overnight or until the candies dissolve.

Taste testing is a must to ensure the flavors are prominent in the mix.

Swirl the containers again to confirm the candies have dissolved before serving.

You should no longer see any candy and your vodka should be the color of the candy.

dissolved candy in vodka

You can then store the Vodka until ready to use.  Be sure to label and keep it out of reach of the kids.

When you are ready to serve, swirl the bottle to ensure the candy is incorporated and pour.

flavored vodka
Flavor your vodka yourself with the easy flavored vodka recipe. With these simple ingredients you can have adult drinks your friends will love.

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