How to Make a Farmhouse Spice Rack

farmhouse spice rack

How to Make a Farmhouse Spice Rack

I didn’t realize how many spices I had until it took up a good amount of counter space outside of the spice racks I had.  I decided to convert a couple old drawers I had purchased at a local Restore and make a farmhouse spice rack.

It was a pretty easy to make.  You make a couple shelves and paint it.  Once the paint dries, you are ready to use the spice rack.  That’s simplifying it.  We had left over wood from other projects, so they just needed to be trimmed down.

If your shelf does not have a handle, it is just for decoration.  You can purchase one if you want (or don’t).

You will also want to decide how many shelves you want in your drawer.

Because of the depth of our drawer, we were able to have the shelves have an edge that fit inside the drawer.  This helps in case the shelf gets bumped, everything hopefully won’t fall out.

old drawer

What you’ll need:
wood shelf
wood to make additional shelves in your drawer
material to nail the shelves into place (nails or nail gun)
paint (we used can paint)
cleaning supplies
handle (optional) with screws

interior paint drawer

Making the Spice Rack

You will want to wipe down the drawer so that it is clean from dust and dirt.

Once it is dry, you can begin painting.

In a well ventilated area, paint the outside of the drawer and allow to dry.

exterior paint drawer
painted handle

Apply a second/third coat as needed.

If needed, tape off and paint inside of the drawer (we used cardboard)

Paint the shelves to match.

Paint the drawer handle (if desired and you have one).


Assemble the drawer adding the optional handle.  Be sure when putting the shelves in, that your spice jars will fit.  (and that you can get them in and out easily)

We nailed the shelves in with a nail gun.  You can also use hammer and nails.

how to make a farmhouse medicine cabinet

completed spice rack

You are now ready to put your spice rack into use.

If you have space, you can hang it from a wall, be sure to know where the studs are and use long screws (this drawer will be heavy with all the spices on it).

Place your spices in it and enjoy.

How do you display your spices?  Do you put them in A-Z order, most used or another way?

Now you can take on other upcycling projects, like and making a window frame from a window and cabinets. What will you make next?

Do you need a farmhouse spice rack? You can make one easily with these instructions. You can repurpose an old shelf to make a spice rack.

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