Staying at Laurium Manor Inn in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Laurium Manor Inn Keweenaw Peninsula Calumet Michigan

Staying at Laurium Manor Inn

On a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we made a stop in the Keweenaw peninsula and booked a stay at the Laurium Manor Inn.  We had been looking for a unique place to stay and felt this mansion was perfect for our family.  Yes, it’s a mansion with it’s 13,000 square feet to explore.

The manor is located in the town it was named after, Laurium.  Laurium Manor Inn is located on the western Upper Peninsula in the Keweenaw peninsula (the part on the upper right that sticks up if you look at the map.

This area was once a booming cooper mining area and Thomas H Hoatson, owner of Calumet & Arizona Mining Co., built this mansion for his wife and family.  In 1989, the home was turned into a beautiful bed and breakfast by the current owners.

Calumet Room Laurium Manor Michigan
The Calumet room features 2 beds, making it easy for our family of 4 to stay here.

Laurium manor has rooms for families

What appealed to us was that there were a few rooms that had nice size beds for our family to stay in. Typically bed and breakfasts (from my experience), have double beds (or one bed).  This can be difficult for a family of 4 to stay at a B&B.  We stayed in the Calumet Room. It had 2 beds, perfect for us to share with the kids.

Calumet Room Laurium Manor Laurium Michigan
The accommodation in the Calumet room allowed us to relax in private.

When we arrived and checked in, we were able to get settled in our room and explore the other rooms that were open.  There is so much care and thought put into this bed and breakfast to take you back to how it must have looked when it was first built.  You can also view the other properties that are also owned on the same block if you want (or better yet, you can stay there too!)

things to see along Lake Superior in Michigan

We went up to the 3rd floor and that is where the ballroom once was.  It was set to be renovated when we visited. It was going to be renovated into another suite.

sitting room Laurium Manor Inn Michigan

the breakfast part of your stay

Breakfast in the morning even met the kids seal of approval.  There was something for everyone and you will usually meet cheery people exploring the mansion.  The sitting room, living room was beautiful.  Owning an older home ourselves, I would have loved to take some of the furniture and fixtures home.  The details on the door knob was beautiful.  Be sure to be on the look out for other hidden gems.

door knobs Laurium Manor Michigan

stained glass window Laurium Manor mnsion

There are many cool things to see around the Keweenaw Peninsula too.  From visiting monks at the Jam Pot who make their own baked goods, to the light houses and beautiful shore line, it’s a bucket list travel.  There are old mines to you can visit and explore, some let you take tours!

visit the bakery owned by monks in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula

Fun Facts About Laurium Manor:

  • The house is also known as the Thomas H. Hoatson House
  • Built in 1908
  • There is no elevator
  • The largest mansion in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • The ballroom was once on the 3rd floor
  • If you don’t stay here, you can still take a tour (for a fee)
  • There were 45 rooms when it was built
  • It cost $50,000 to be built (when people made .25 per hour)
  • House furnishings cost $35,000 when built

Ever stay in a mansion? See where you can do so affordably in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Put the Laurium Manor Inn on your bucket list.

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