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envelop pillow

When looking for an accent our new furniture, there was just no way I was going to spend $100 for a pillow for my couch.  I wanted more than one pillow and I wanted them to be affordable. Making an envelope pillow allowed me to get out the sewing machine shows my husband it was worth it’s money as I’m saving money making pillow cases (right?).

Below are the instructions on how to make an envelope pillow.  It is the easy and simple way to make washable covers.  Be sure to buy upholstery fabric for durability.

We had 18 inch pillows so these instructions are made with that in mind, you may need to adjust if you are using a different pillow size.

Note:  1 yard material can make 2 pillows.

Follow the video here to make your own pillows:

YouTube video

What you’ll need:

1 yard upholstery material
1 – 18 inch pillow
matching thread

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cutting upholstery fabric


You will want to take the fabric and cut it and measure 18 inches and times this by 2 (36), then add 5 (41).

18 x 2 = 36

36+5 = 41

You will want to cut your fabric 41″ x 18″

Serger the long ends of your fabric to keep them from fraying.

Once done, iron the fabric flat.

ironing fabric edges

On the long end, fold over 1 inch and iron for a crisp edge.

You will then go back and fold in 1/2 in (so you have a 1/2″ and 1″ mark from ironing along the long end. Do this on both long ends.

Fold over on the 1/2″ and then to the inch and pin down the length.  Do this for both long ends.

sewing pillow edges

Sew a straight stitch down the entire edge. Do this for both long edges.

Take 1/2″ and sew a straight edge on both short edges.  Be sure to sew closer to the inner edge.

With the fabric laid out, find the middle of the longest ends and put a pin where the middle is.

Take the size of the pillow and divide by 2 and subtract 1/2″ (for us, 18″ pillow/2 = 9 – .5 = 8.5″)

assembling the pillow case

These next steps will be done with the pattern facing inside, not out.

You will want to measure to have 8.5″ on both side of your center line of the middle pin. This will have some overlap on the edges.

Place pins to keep the long edges together and sew them together with a straight stitch.

Repeat on both long edges.

Turn the pillow inside right and be sure to work the corners to get crisp edges.

Take the pillow and pull together like a taco and put it inside the pillow case.


Make your own pillow covers! Pick your pattern and you can sew beautiful envelope pillow cases. Easy to do for a beginner sewing project.


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