Take a Baking Class at Sweetie-Licious DeWitt Michigan


I recently took a baking class at Sweetie-Licious in DeWitt Michigan.  You may have heard about this little bakery.  They won a few awards over the past few years on (15 first place National Pie Championships from Crisco).  They have been on the Today show, The Food Network and numerous appearances on the local news channels.

inside sweeti-licious

 I saw a post on Sweeti-Licious’ Facebook page that they were having a baking class.  I got really excited.  I have watched Linda Hundt (owner of Sweetie-Licious) on the Food Network and win!  I have followed them on Facebook for some time, checking out their website, so I was thrilled that they were offering cooking classes, so I signed up and took the class 2 days later.

I had not been to the shop before.  I had wanted to go, but this really gave me an excuse.  I loved it.  The decor is just beautiful.  It reminds me of a kitchen you would find in the 50s-60s.  They have cookies, cupcakes, muffins, pies, and lunch fair to name a few.

baking equipmentbaking at Sweetie-Licious

We all got to pick out these adorable June Cleaver-isk aprons to wear (and they do sell them, but the sell out fast so check on that). Our class was given a tour of the facility and Linda started out by talking about a good crust and what you need, and ingredients.  If you are looking for Linda to give out her recipes, she doesn’t.  She does share several recipes on her Facebook page and her website, so maybe those are the recipes, and we just have to try them.

Linda provided lots of tips and tricks on how to make a great pie crust, how to make the crust of the pie and allow it to have lots of filling.  I learned a lot and I will take this class again, but with a pen and paper.  So many things I’m sure I missed.  This class is great to do with a friend so you can both try to absorb things.  The classes are limited to 6 people, so it is definitely great one on one help.  I loved it.  She knew all our names, so it was very personal and we were given help by Linda and the rest of the gracious staff.  Everyone was just friendly and kind who works there.

Sweetie-Licious Pie

This is my pie creation (with help). I love that we all got to make and take home our own little pie.  It was about 4 good slices. Very good with or without whipped cream.  Ours was warm when we ate it.  Most people stop and eat theirs on the way home.

owner Linda HundtAt the end of the class we took pictures and I had came to the class alone, so I asked to have my picture taken with Linda.  She was gracious enough to do so.

you need to stop and shop

If I haven’t convinced you to get in your car and get to Sweetie-Licious yet, I knew I should have gotten a picture of their display case. I forgot to mention, while we waiting for our pies to cook, we chit-chatted with Linda and she shared her passion for her shop (great stories I will let her share with you).  But she also got treats from the display case and we got the sample them and she made us a nice quiche too.

Go  visit them now!  108 North Bridge Street DeWitt, MI 48820 (517) 669-9300 And if you can’t get to DeWitt Michigan, they have a shop in Grand Rapids Michigan now too!

Have you heard of Sweetie-licious? They are the little bakery in DeWitt Michigan that won a competition on the Food Network and they have baking classes.

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  1. How fun to have the fifty’s theme. I’ve never done a cooking class either. It would be fun though.

  2. That looks like a really cozy place to learn baking. I’m guessing the pie must have tasted great!!

  3. So fun!! I am always impressed with those who can cook well. And your pie looks quite good! Is it required to wear pink or green for the class? I love the color combo!

  4. You have definitely convinced me to go to this shop!
    I am getting hungry just thinking about it 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun! My oldest son loves to cook, so he and I would’ve had a hey-day there! 🙂

    1. I think I will take this class again. I recently took another class on how to cook, so look for that story posted soon. Still drooling over that experience.

    1. Check online for bakeries in your region and maybe you can may a little road trip for a site in your area Miranda.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! It sounds like so much fun- now I really wish I could get to Dewitt easily… hmm… next vacation? 😉

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