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resting catcat therapy & adoption at Tiny Lions Lounge in Ann Arbor

I don’t recall how I came across Tiny Lions in Ann Arbor Michigan, but it is a great place to come and visit. I mentioned this place to my son and he instantly wanted to go and see the cats. I wasn’t sold on the idea. I mean, we have cats at home, why do we need to drive to go pet other cats?  But Tiny Lions provides cat therapy (in my opinion) to help relieve stress and cat adoption for those looking to adopt.

If you love cats, but can’t have one for some reason, you can come to Tiny Lions. You pay a fee for a half hour or hours time to spend time in a room with their cats. They also offer day rates and free coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

cat laying on ground

out of the box pet adoption

I really love the out of the box humane society. If you are looking for a new cat to adopt, you can do that here too. The cafe is part of the Huron Valley Humane Society The cats are not in separate small rooms. This is one large conference room, and there is another room where you could go eat, and the cats can roam in there too.

The animals roam around the area and there are things you can play with them to engage them. There are rules that the staff will go over with you too, like you can’t pick up the cats, but if they crawl up on you, that is ok. The cats also have color coded tags to identify how friendly they are.

playing with cats on wall

There is free wifi and tables available for you to work among the cats too.You can host birthday parties here too and other small gatherings.

Want to know about the cats? They have sheets on each cat that gives their details before you adopt them.

My son loved visiting the Tiny Lions and getting on the floor and playing with the cats. He talks about it often and how we can go back and visit again.

cat feet chair
Aren’t these adorable? I love the little touches they have that are cat related.

great gift idea

Cat’s really do help with relieving stress.  A gift card to visit here would be a great gift to give someone for their birthday or Christmas.  Do you have a senior in your life that would love snuggle time with a cat, but can’t have one?  They can come here, there are senior discounts! Maybe you know someone who can’t have a cat in their home/apartment, another gift.

tiny lions sign
Look for their sign on the building. It is small, so you may miss it.

Things to know:

  • you can’t pick up the cats, but they can jump on your lap
  • there is a restroom available
  • space is limited.  If they are at capacity, they will ask you to come back later
  • you can become a member and get unlimited visits and perks
  • check their site for information about bringing children 3 and under

tips you need to know before adopting a pet

cat adoption tiny lions wall

Wanna little cat therapy without owning one? Looking to adopt a cat? Head to Tiny Lions in Ann Arbor. The purrrfect place to see cats and get a cat to adopt..


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