13+ tips to prepare your vehicle for winter

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how to prepare your vehicle for winter

Growing up in the Midwest, you get used to the cold weather.  When the snow starts to fall here in Michigan, it’s time to make sure our vehicles are ready for winter. It’s time to winterize the vehicles for the weather.  It’s also important to pack an emergency pack in case you do get stuck. Check out these tips to prepare your vehicle for winter.

As a mom, I like to be prepared. Honestly, I have ran out of gas.  Twice.  My kids don’t let me forget this (it was not during the winter).  I try to be more prepared in winter (honestly).   My kids really like the blankets when it’s cold out, so they can quickly get warm when getting in the vehicle.  Snacks also keep grouchy kids happy, just remember to replenish what they eat.

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Winterize tips – things to check on your vehicle

  • check battery  – does your vehicle turn over easy, how old is your battery?
  • brakes – check the brakes to ensure they are stopping you vehicle well on dry pavement
  • heat – is your defrost working, does your vehicles heat get warm?
  • fill fluids – check your fluids and keep your washer fluid filled.  Do you have brake fluid so you can stop.  Check your oil and ensure it is full and check the smell.  Do you need to have it changed, how dark is it (dark= needs to be changed or soon)
  • gas tank fuel – keep the tank as close to full as you can, so you are not stranded without gas
  • lights – do your headlights work; do the brake likes, turn signal lights work?  You want to be seen in the snow and in the dark
  • snow & ice scraper – do you have a scraper to remove snow and ice
  • deicer – have a can of deicer in your vehicle to help with the thicker ice
  • tailpipe not covered by snow – if you get stranded keep snow away from your vehicles tailpipe
  • tire pressure – lower temps decrease tire pressure- this gives you less traction on the road
  • tire tread – do you have any.  Put a penny in the tread upside down.  If you can see Lincoln’s head, you don’t have a lot of tread on your tires.
  • wipers – are your wipers clearing your windows well.  If not, you should replace them.  Make sure wipers are free from window and not froze down. Make sure they are free to move before you turn on the vehicle or you may break the wiper arm.

printable emergency contact form for car seat 


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Keep your wiper fluid filled to keep your windshield clear

How to prepare your home for winter

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Do you winterize your vehicle? Did you know you should do this for the winter? Check out these 13+ tips to help prepare your vehicle for winter months.

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  1. Winter presents some major challenges for your vehicle. Cold temperatures cause rubber seals and tires to become dry and stiff, road salt threatens the paint, and ice clouds your windshield. As lower temperature of the atmosphere decreases its tire pressure so in cold season you must frequently check its air pressure using a pressure gauge. As oil becomes thicker in this season so change the engine oil before winter season started. You may also take assistance of a car mechanic to get your car prepared to meet this season.

  2. Even in no snow areas like So Cal, having a winter “bag” in the truck is important. Mine has a heavy oversized fleece lined sweatshirt, a lap blanket, water, a power bar, a flashlight.

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