How to Make Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

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homemade hot chocolate


Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

My kids love hot chocolate.  When they come home.  After being outside playing, or just because it’s a cold winter day. IT can get expensive buying the containers of cocoa.   But making my own hot cocoa mix recipe, I could handle.  My daughter likes to make gifts for her friends so this is perfect for her friends (they loved it!). It doesn’t cost a lot and is something most kids love to drink hot cocoa on the colder nights.  Or just because it’s there.

Preparing to Make The Mix

You will want to get a huge bowl (I used one that was about 26 cups) to mix all of the ingredients together.


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cocoa mix

10 cups powder milk
2 cups NesQuik
3/4 cup powder sugar
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup powder coffee creamer (plain or flavored)
8 cups mini marshmallows
treat bags

making hot cocoa mix

In a big bowl, add all the ingredients EXCEPT the marshmallows! Mix the ingredients slowly or you will have a big fluff cloud in your kitchen.  You can mix ingredients as you go or wait and mix once all the ingredients are in the bowl.

Taste test the hot chocolate by mixing 1 cup water with 1/4 cup hot chocolate mix.  Want a more chocolaty taste, add more cocoa.  Want it sweeter, add more sugar.  I found it to be not to sweet, and chocolaty enough to make my kids happy. You can also make this with milk for extra creaminess.

Once you have it to your liking, it’s time to bag it up.

I put five 1/4 cups in each treat bag with 1 cup of marshmallows on top.  This gives each person 5 cups of hot cocoa to serve in a standard size mug. Got a larger mug?  You will need to add more mix.

These would make great party favors as well.  A little thank you for the delivery people in your life too.

You can make delicious mocha coffee or hot chocolate from candy too.

Hot cocoa mix recipe bagged cocoa

Hot cocoa aka hot chocolate is a great to make for yourself to control the sugar. Simple and easy to make. Also a great gift at Christmas or for parties. See how you can make your own hot cocoa mix recipe


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  1. Mmm!! What a great gift idea!! I love that you took the time to make it at home and not just buy it with all the yucky additives!

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