How to Make Roasted Garlic in Oven

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Roasted Garlic in Oven

Just the smell of roasted garlic is pretty amazing. It’s the sign that you are going to make something delicious.  From garlic mashed potatoes, creamy garlic butter to homemade garlic bread, you can’t go wrong.  We have found a simple and easy recipe to make roasted garlic in oven that you can do each season to make delicious dishes.


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Roasting Garlic in the Oven

Easily roast your own garlic bulbs in the oven for fresh and delicious buttery garlic.
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Course: Seasoning
Cuisine: American
Author: Regina Sober


  • garlic bulbs
  • olive oil


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Place a piece of aluminum foil in each muffin hole for your garlic bulbs.
  • Cut the top off the garlic so you can see the cloves and place into the muffin tin.
  • Drizzle a little olive oil over each garlic head. (about 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons)
  • Cover the aluminum foil over each bulb and and bake for 30-35 minutes (test to see if the garlic feels squishy) Once it's squishy, it's done.
  • Remove from the oven and allow them to cool.
  • Once cooled you can remove with a fork or squeeze out if safe to handle.
  • You will want to peel off the outside of the husk to expose the garlic cloves.  You may need to cut to expose any that were not cut to get them out of the skin.
  • If you are not going to use all the garlic at once, store them in a air tight freezer safe container and freeze until you are ready to use.
  • Be sure your mark and date the package to help identify later.


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cutting whole bulb

Do You Peel the Garlic Before Roasting It?

Nope. Take the whole bulb and roast it.  You will want to take a little off the top of the head to expose all the cloves.  This will allow for easy removal after baking and allow the cloves inside to turn a golden brown.

one head of garlic How Long Does it Take To Roast Garlic?

When cooking at 400F, it takes 30-35 minutes to roast garlic cloves to a beautiful golden color.  Be sure to roast a few in olive oil and pop the extras in your freezer.

cloves inside foil

How Do You Roast Garlic Without Burning the Garlic?

Leave the skin or peel on the garlic clove and roast it as a bulb.  Also putting the garlic in foil with a little olive oil keeps them from getting direct contact with the heat and adds another layer of protection.

roasted cloves

fresh garlic

Super easy roasted garlic. See how you can make roasted garlic in the oven quickly and you'll have fresh garlic whenever you want.

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