Closet Makeover on a Budget

Closet renovation budget friendly

This closet was one of the first areas that we are able to tackle when we moved. We had filled it with the items we needed, but we didn’t manage it well. We shoved things in there, some boards were missing, and it was dirty, clearly needing a closet makeover.

It took about $100 and a weekend to revamp this closet from dysfunctional and disorganized into managed and maintained.

How Do I Start?

Evaluate the shelving you have in your closet:

  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it need to be replaced?
  • Can it be painted?
  • Is it the size/location you want it in?
closet shelf boards

We made the previous shelves from scrap flooring. However, they didn’t meet the required width, so we purchased new boards.

What Materials Do You Have On Hand?

We bought new boards for the shelves as they were old pieces of flooring.  I also bought bins to organize and keep like things together.  

We had left over paint from painting other rooms. I mixed a couple cans of paint, green and gray, together to get the desired color (and saved money). The walls inside the closet were in good shape. We had nails and screws already and the tools needed for the project.

shelves removed from closet wall

You will want to remove the old shelves so you can paint.

To save money, if you have left over paint (and it’s the color you want), you can paint your closet with that.  I used a gray and green color and mixed them to dull the green and give it a farmhouse feeling.

shelf before makeover

Reorganized & Transformed

Side by side if you compare the pictures, you can see the color is brighter on the ship lap walls.  The shelving is wider and painted the same color as the walls.

We moved additional items into the closet and placed them in storage bins.  I was able to eliminate a huge 3.5 foot x 5 foot wide cabinet we had bought for storage.  I cleaned out old items from the cabinet as I moved them into the closet.

It’s also a good idea to go through things as you put them away, to remove anything you no longer need/use.

There is still space available for items on the top shelf and I can add additional storage if needed on the side walls.

closet organization

The expenses for this make over: 4 boards and 6 storage bins and $100.

How will you makeover your closet on a budget?

Take these simple tips and transform your closet.  We have closet makeover musts that are budget friendly and easy.

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