Guide To Visit Put In Bay Ohio

Put In Bay Looking at the Lighthouse

Visit Put In Bay Ohio

A big THANK YOU to the Folks at Put In Bay Ohio for giving me  tickets to check out their awesome island, so I could share my experience with you.  Thank you Miller Ferry, E’s Golf Cart Rental and Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center for this great family trip.

Put-In-Bay (really called South Bass Island), is located just West of Sandusky, Ohio, off of North Highway 53 on South Bass Island.  You get there via ferry to the island, but that is the starting point for your fun!

Getting To Put In Bay

Check out what is happening on the island to plan your visit. There is always something fun happening on the island.  From pirate days, Jeep days, concerts.  You will need to come back often.  Perfect for a weekend get-a-way, girl’s weekend and family fun.

To the right of the gift shop in Catawba, is the ticket booth, to buy your tickets to get on the ferry. You can also buy online and check in at the smaller building to the far far right.  While waiting for the ferry, you can shop in the gift shop or hit it up on your way out!

You will take a 20 minute ride on the ferry.  There are stairs to go up where you can sit and enjoy the view.  You can stay in your vehicle if you bring it with you.  If you cannot go up the stairs, as the ferry staff if there is a place you can sit.  You can also stand for your trip.

Tip:  Which ever ways is the vehicles are pointed, that is the way you will be exiting.  Passengers exit after the cars have left, so don’t be in a hurry to get off the boat.  Passengers also load AFTER the cars.

Tip 2:  If you need help walking up the ramp, ask the staff to ride the golf cart up.  They can also do this on your return trip to Catawba, just ask!

Miller Boat Ferry Put In Bay Ohio

Save Money While you Travel

There are many things to do on Put-In-Bay and many local shops offer discounts, be sure to download their coupons and bring them with you to get the most out of your trip!

Es Golf Carts

Rent A Golf Cart!

You can bring your vehicle to the Island, but most people travel via golf cart.  Traveling via golf cart is for those who want to relax and have a slower pace to enjoy your stay. You can contact E’s Golf Cart and reserve a golf cart online, making it super easy when you get there.  E’s is about 50 yards on the right from the dock once you get up the hill. It’s also on the way to all the fun stuff in town! Be sure to ask how to put the cart in reverse!

Es Golf Cart Dock of Put In Bay

Perry’s Cave

We stopped in to Perry’s Cave and enjoyed playing mini golf.  You can count your strokes if you want, or not.  We just played for fun and didn’t count our strokes.

You can also mine for gems, take a tour of the cave below, see antique cars, check out the maze and tour the butterfly house (it’s my favorite).

perrys cave mining

The kids enjoyed exploring and seeing the squirrel.  There is also a maze there and the kids enjoyed exploring that and figuring how to get out.

Our favorite was the butterfly house.

Butterfly House Put In Bay Ohio

In talking to one of the workers, they have new butterflies shipped in every month through October, so you will see butterflies.  This was my kid’s favorite as we love nature and butterflies.

It was explained to the kids they could look, but not touch the butterflies.  We were able to get very close to the butterflies and there were plenty of butterflies and various varieties to see.

butterflies in butterfly house

Explore Downtown

Joseph DeRivera in Derivera park

Downtown has a lot of shops to visit and get souvenirs.   There are a lot of food options to suit your taste. If you are going in the morning Pasquales has breakfast and the Picnic Basket has  and some delicious treats too.  Don’t miss the shops on the Keys north of the Picnic basket.  There are so many great options, from sea food, to American food. And dessert, don’t miss dessert!

Be sure to check out the wineries, the chocolate and parks!  There are a lot of walking trails you can take as well.

Bring your bike, rent a bike.  You can rent skidos and kayaks.  And if you don’t want to go into the water, you can take an airplane ride or helicopter ride!

What adventure will you seek on your trip to Put In Bay?

Have you visited Put in Bay Ohio? It's the island in your back yard. Lots of things to see and do with the family for a getaway.

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