Take A Step Inside The Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Inside the Armstrong Air and Space Museum

On a trip to Ohio on I-75, we saw a sign that noted the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.  Since I have a son who loves all things science, we took a detour and stopped to explore the museum of astronaut Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11).

Located at 500 Apollo Dr, Wapakoneta Ohio, off of I-75, it is an easy on and off stop from the highway. Why Wapakoneta?  It’s the home town of Neil Armstrong of course!

What we found interesting about this museum, is that it’s not a tall building.  It’s built in the ground in a mound or hill with a round sphere sticking out.  The building is made of concrete with steel reinforcing it.  The sphere was created to make it look the the moon!

space craft inside the Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Exploring the Museum

Once inside you can explore on your own and view the exhibits.  There is  a 30 minute video that will inspire you and space.  It covers the start of space program and what it took for Neil Armstrong to get to the moon in the Apollo 11 spaceship.

neil armstrong museum gravity

You will want to try your hand at the zero-gravity simulator, try docking the Gemini capsule and compare gravity by lifting bricks on Mars, the Moon and Earth…and a little about Uranus.

This is the perfect place to take the science lover in your family. There are many exhibits and hands on things for them to touch and explore.  The museum is also handicap accessible, has free parking and is reasonably priced to visit.

Love science, check out COSI in Columbus and their science exhibits.

astronaut selfie

Fun Facts about the museum:

  • The dome is 56 feet wide
  • The museum opened 3 years to the day of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon
  • Several hands on exhibits to explore and learn
  • There is an exhibit on how astronauts use the bathroom
  • There are 3 simulators for you and your family to try
  • You can eat outside at the picnic area
uranus photo
Even our son got a chuckle when he found a picture of Uranus.

Heard of Wapakoneta Ohio? You should have. It's the hometown of astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. See why you need to make the stop to see this air and space museum.

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